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Hello everyone
My cat has about 10-15 buttons and she's very expressive with them. Usually it's fine, but she becomes very rude when I have guests. Since it takes her quite a bit to move from a button to another, I interpret for the guest every button press separately, so till now, no one got offended, and mostly she just asks for the guests to leave

But last night, my guest was a black guy. And to my despair, my cat pressed outside+busy (which means "get out") but also she pressed "litter box". I quickly went to clean her litter box, but it was already clean and she clearly didn't care about it. My guess is that she called my guess a p** cause he's black, which was very embarrassing for me

Not sure if the guy didn't pick it up or just brushed it off, but I'm really looking into ways of teaching my cat some good manners

Anyone tried it? Any suggestions? Or any awkward things your pet ever said?

Honestly your post seems like you're the one fixated on the person being Black, not your cat

Yeah I don't think it's necessarily impossible to teach a cat good manners, but what would be the point? You taught them to use the buttons so you could know what they want to tell you. If you teach them to press things that would please
*you* even though that's not necessarily what they want to press that defeats rhe purpose

That being said, my cat has told people to get out as well and I find it hilarious (can't say I disagree with him when he wants the in-laws to go away 🙃)
I find it hilarious too, but live alone, so if I have guests, clearly wanted them there. Regarding the pressing, i see it like teaching a child. You teach them the words, but later you teach them to be polite too. It doesn't defeat the purpose of teaching them to talk, right?
I think your cat was just mad you had a visitor. That cat thinhlks he's a piece offor taking away your attention. I don't think your cat cares if your visitor was black, chill

Teaching a cat good manners? Bro.. Why not start with an easier task, like solving the israel-palestine conflict

Edit: I read some of your other posts, so let me further explain. What I wrote above is supposed to be understood like this: A cat can be hard to teach things, it's impressive that your cat has been willing and able to use 10-15 buttons and express itself and it's daily needs

With that said, I acknowledge your feelings that if your cat called your friend a poo and wanted him to get out, you felt embaressed. With that said, I really don't think your friend had the same thoughtprocess

But perhaps, in the future, you can say a littlelie? Like: oh, sometimes she just presses some buttons for attention

Also, if your friend visits again and your cat keeps pressing poo button, you can either look at the litterbox each time it presses it, or first time and then ignoring it afterwards while the visit is ongoing

A normal part of maturing is stating desires and setting boundaries

It's wonderful that your pet is expressing it's desires, but that doesn't mean they always get those desires met

Seems like a good time to work on those "soon" and "later" buttons

Lmaocat. Reminds me of Rick and Morty. "Iyou for being the wrong color snake." Watch the episode of King of the Hill with Bernie Mac. Also please don't try to make your cat be polite, it will just gonna confuse them. Cats don't have concepts like inoffensive button pressing order. Be thankful they use the buttons. You're a great cat guardian and your cat obviously loves you

So my cat also usesto describe visitors. It's because theydifferent, so it'sto them. They don't like stranger smells so they want them gone. Cats are territorial, this is pretty normal

I think you're putting in too much thought about a cute interaction your cat had with the buttons

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