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I have made a small nodejs webapp, wanted to host it with a .ke domain. Anyone know of any good web hosting services in Kenya?

Don't host your app with a Kenyan web hosting service. They are all. Especially for your NodeJS app, I doubt you'll get anything reliable out here

For your .ke domain, purchase it on Safaricom Domains. Safaricom is a reputable company

For your app, host it on the free tier App Engine service on Google Cloud, or look for something similar on AWS, etc. I build React apps with frameworks like Next.js which I host on Vercel

To link your .ke domain to these host providers, use Cloudflare. All you have to do is change your domain's nameservers on Safaricom Domains to Cloudflare's nameservers. From there, you can link to almost any host provider out there

I've done this many times and have been wildly successful. If you need any help, tip or pointers, do reach out. I'm happy to assist where I can

Depending on the app, small ec2 container + route 53 but small learning curve needed
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AWS but it can get quite expensive on scale. The hosting with a .ke isn’t related to whatever hosting service you’ll choose

Check out www.webimpact.co.ke. They are an e-commerce website development company but they also host websites, and fix bugs. I have 3 websites on their server. Highly recommended
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