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hey guys, I've been using GoDaddy hosting for the last 7 months for my ecommerce site and I've had enough. The site goes down for no apparent reason every once in a while and a good friend assured me it was due to stress on the shared hosting. Support is extremely unhelpful and unreliable. Doesn't help that they charge a ton of money too, so now I'm looking for some other web hosting services to use. What do you recommend? I want to stay away from GoDaddy, Ionos, and Hostgator. These are the ones other people have told me to stay away from at all costs

Check out A2 hosting for sure. They are the best shared hosting out right now in terms of pricing, reliability, support, etc. Been using them for years with no complaints or issues

i keep hearing about this one so I will definitely take a look at it. Do you know how the migration process would be from Godaddy if i did choose this host? Do i have to pay anything?
You can never go wrong with A2 hosting. I think it's the perfect blend of shared hostings' ease of use and reliability mixed with the type of support you would normally only find on cloud hosting services

GoDaddy is definitely terrible, I don't know how you lasted as long as you did with them. Some would say that you should avoid all EIG hosting services to begin with, and that's probably a fairly good idea considering they are mostly the same

Wouldn't say they're all bad, bluehost for example is actually a fairly decent host imho

I'm going to stick to shared hosting for now because I don't really need lightning fast servers. I just need reliability and low stress

Honestly if you're coming from GoDaddy, it really can't get any worse. pick any web hosting provider and you'll be improving tremendously lol

Pretty much this. I wouldn't advise OP to just throw a dart at a board to pick their next hosting provider, but if they did they'd probably come across a better service. A2 is the one I recommend most often if someone is looking for shared hosts. It's the best

Honestly I'm not sure either how I lasted this long.. A big part of it has to do with the fact that I'm intimidated by the process of transferring my sites over to a new host. I'm not super savvy with these things, but this has gotten outrageous so i must move on from godaddy

The answer depends a lot on your needs. Are you looking to stick to shared hosting? Cause if that's the case, then I recommend bluehost as a good alternative to GoDaddy and other shared hosts. Really easy to use and good for lightweight projects

Difficult to say right now, the list keeps changing. I Use digital ocean as my main hosting provider. It's not a shared host but rather cloud hosting. A lot more reliable and faster than shared hosting, but it's a little bit more complicated to use if you've never dabbled in cloud hosting

I've never used cloud hosting and don't really plan on doing it anytime soon. I understand the benefits especially for a wordpress website, but it's just not necessary for my current projects

IGoDaddy as much as the next guy, but if your site is constantly going down don't you think that might have to do more with your website itself rather than go daddy's hosting? If the problem was the hosting, then dozens or hundreds of other people on your shared server would be complaining and it'd get fixed. My 0.02

That shouldn't be the case. If the website was at fault, then it would be down indefinitely without pause. The fact that it only happens in spurts tells me that the hosting provider is to blame. Also saying this because I had a similar issue with godaddy that was fixed immediately after switching hosts

I'm glad you mentioned that Hostgator is not a host you'll be considering. I have never tried GoDaddy fortunately, but I have tried hostgator and I had many of the same complaints that Godaddy victims have had

Yes, I have friends who used Hostgator and they told me that it's just as bad as godaddy, if not worse. I also noticed that hosts including Godaddy, hostgator, etc. advertise a really low price but re-bill you a way bigger amount

Uhhhh you put free in the title You need to throw that out the window. As bad as Godaddy is (and it is indeed horseany free hosting you might find online is 10 times worse than Godaddy, at minimum. Look into bluehost, I find it to be a good alternative to godaddy (it's better in more ways than one)

I agree with this. Free hosting is terrible and you're much better off going with even the cheapest hosting possible rather than going with something that doesn't require any monetary investment

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