= I want to confront the gatekeeping I have encountered and witnessed in this community. I’ve encountered straight upwhopeople out of newbie questions. I understand constructively calling for people to do their research, but please do it in a kind manner. Let’s make this place better. =

I would like to ask each of you to please, please, read the documentation available at httpshelium.com before posting the same set of questions that get asked repeatedly and are already answered better on the website

As an earlier member of this community I can tell you hands down that is the thing that is the most worrisome to me: That people jump in without ever having read a single thing

100%. There are newbie questions I have every sympathy for, and there are newbie questions that are asked through sheer, shameless laziness

“Gaiz which hotspot should I order has been answered so many times it almost needs its own sub. If you get shat on for asking the 13th time that hour, that’s on you

Came here to say the same thing

**The "newbie questions" have been answered The fact we see them asked over and over again is proof that the people asking are unwilling to make even a minimal effort

As OP said, there's no need to be rude about it, but as far as I'm concerned the community doesn't particularly need people who can't be bothered to help themselves

it got repeatedly engrained into me, that if you wanted to ask someone with experience a question then go do your research first. As a professional engineer I have practically unlimited time to help people who've made an effort - it's enjoyable - and they're actually learning too

I mean I agree and love helping out new people. But to also be fair, some questions are legit answered on the site. It’s just real laziness. I’m sorry if that rubs people the wrong way, but it’s legit there for all to see. I’m glad everyone’s excited to make money and all but come on. Just take 5 minutes to do the most basic of research
There is a thread, stickied at the top of this subreddit called "An answer to 90% of the questions asked here."
I know this, because I created it -- for people like you

In that thread, there are several comments with information and links about antennas

I know this, because I wrote them -- for people like you

If you spend a few minutes on google, you will find plenty of information about antennas, and what would be some good options for your situation

I know this, because I did that search, so I could answer questions from people like you

I would be happy to walk you through anything you like, PM me and we can arrange a payment agreement. If you're not willing to pay, you're gonna have to buckle down and put in some effort. Good luck!
P.S. You're on the internet asking people to help you make money, while offering nothing in return. Maybe don't refer to the people you're asking as..

It sound like you people complaining about the questions may just miserable people. Why make it your business to make someone have a bad day or be discouraged to try something new. Some of thosequestions may just be conversation starters. If you don't like the questions move on. Its really just that simple. You say you want to build a human network but yet you show no humanity. Ask your self why

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