= Amar and other people from the Fortnite community had a meeting with Epic Games in Amsterdam. “A very good sign” =

Here’s another tweet from Nikof (translated):
“I left the meal with Epic Games, I had the chance to chat for a long time face to face with the guy who manages the competition, the future is going to be incredible friends, believe me.”
Sounds promising but I feel like we've heard stuff like this before and not much has happened. That being said though Epic Games do seem to be very slow at delivering promises with disabling pre-edits or arena awards being an example

Also I think comp needs a major revamp. I personally think the format is spot on now. The changes to weapon balancing have been a lot better. Not perfect but I think the lootpool gets a lot ofsimply because the servers are awful and it makes the weapons seem a lot better than they are

Numbers are way down and there seems to be a lot less of afor comp Fortnite. I'm not sure what could be done to get it back

they're the best people to control the game

We don't want r/FortNiteBR completely calling the shots or this game would be dead
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