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= Does your part of the world have issue of people especially young people putting their shoes on chairs/seats either in private or in public, what are some other pet peeves involving shoe etiquette in public or away from dwellings and areas where shoes are to be curbed in your culture? =

Everytime I see this I cringe a bit especially when trains are involved as train stations are often in the mostpart of towns

I just read an article on Korea httpsm-en.yna.co.kr/view/AEN20220214004800315 A presidential candidate had been criticized for putting shoes on the train chairs and taking a photo of him doing so being bad etiquette I can see young people doing so more often since Korea has a lot of trains and public spaces

I guess while shoes in some cultures are at times strictly confined to a shoe area in some areas such as dwellings and sometimes temples. There is also the issue of shoe etiquette in public which should not be over looked as well. Can you think some of them?