r/PetTheDamnCat - Bath time petting etiquette?

r/cats - When your cat is making biscuits do you pet them? I'm not sure of the correct etiquette and wonder what the general consensus is.

r/etiquette - Does your part of the world have issue of people especially young people putting their shoes on chairs/seats either in private or in public, what are some other pet peeves involving shoe etiquette in public or away from dwellings and areas where shoes are to be curbed in your culture?

Pet Etiquette

r/Professors - Email etiquette is my biggest pet peeve. No greeting, no signature to say who they are, what class this is for, nothing in the subject line, used a "." instead of a "?", didn't capitalize the first I, used a instead of an, and they clearly haven't read the syllabus or they'd know how grading works.

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