= Lhasa Apsos and kids =

My 3 year old male Lhasa Apso loves children. He always get excited when he sees kids at the park and just overall adores them. That includes kids that don't even know "dog petting etiquette". I was wondering if a lot of people have had this experience with their Lhasa since I've heard they aren't good with kids and I'm wondering how true that actually is

Also I do carefully watch his body language to make sure he is good, but he has always been happy with kids

It's an unusual trait for the breed, because it's a guard breed and a withdrawn one that can be terratorial, and that does predispose them to not take poking and prodding from kids well

However, every dog is an individual, too, and clearly your boy likes them. No contradiction there

The recommendation is based on the typical breed standard and teprement- it's TYPICALLY better for a family to look at, say, a Labrador for their kids over a Lhasa, like it's typically better to look at a collie rather than a Labrador to herd, but it's never ever going to be 100% accurate and absolutely doesn't mean Every dog of that breed ever will be like that. They are sentient beings, not AI or robotics. I happen to have met the golden lab that was an excellent herd dog, lol

I have three different dog breeds and my Lhasa loves my kids the most. She absolutely loves all children and is so good with them, even when my kids have friends over that don’t know how to interact with animals. She’s very patient and just loves everyone so much. Lhasa’s are my favorite breed

I have a baby girl who adores kids (I and some of my neighbors with kids joke it's because they're her size). The breeder I got her from also had children of varying ages, so my girl knew about kids and how to interact literally from day one since the kids were involved in dog care and pre-socializing before the pup's were sent to their new homes

From what I've seen before from family friends, a lot of their lhasas who don't like kids often just didn't interact with children until they were older, or never interacted with children who didn't live with them, so were bratty to any non-adult who didn't live in their house. Dogs included into this, which I have grown to guess may be a socialization thing mixed with personality

My Llasa loooves kids and strangers. She actually gets sad if someone passes by and doesn't at least say hi to her during a walk. However at home the slightest noise will set her off as an alarm dog. She's extremely friendly with other dogs too. She can be too friendly for her own good at times. She doesn't understand when a dog or person isn't friendly. It took me by surprise to see how friendly and loving she is. She is without a doubt the most friendly dog I have ever met. She doesn't bark even when she is barked at. She is 100% Lhasa Apso. She was a gift from a pet store chain. She 9 weeks at the time we were told she was properly socialized. We have no kids, don't get visitors often, and no big dogs, yet she loves everyone

My Lhasa was okay with kids at parks, but only because he was more interested in stealing their snacks. If they didn’t have anything he wanted tohe would ignore them. He did not like being pet for extended periods of time and would nip at people if he was done, but I never saw him nip at complete strangers

So my Lhasa is very weary of new people, he will howl at them, bark, but never hurt them. He ends up coming around and loving them! I’ve seen him do this with kids- but not babies!! For some reason he must know they are fragile. He willthem and wag his tail. He ends up loving kids and adults, but only once he’s spent some time with them and know they aren’t threatening. It’s very sweet though to see how he interacts with very young children and babies, he is so sweet and loving to them!
My lhasa is very cautious with kids hes not familiar with. Eventually his curiosity takes over and wants to get to know them, but it takes a little time. However, he loves my 2 year old nephew and loves to play with him, share his toys with him and is very gentle towards him even if my nephew can be a little rough sometimes when petting him. He is also VERY protective when my nephew is around (not aggressive, but he will immediately alert everyone if he feels somethings wrong) He becomes very concerned if he is crying or if his playtime is more ”rowdy” than usual. Not usual behaviour for the breed, but its nice to know my nephew has his own adorable bodyguard
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