= Is there an etiquette of sorts when it comes to petting other people's dogs? (Social setting) =

I'm currently developing a visual novel under a different name where the player character wants to pet dogs, and it's to be an informative one like, "how do I ask people if I could pet their dogs" or, "their dog, looks anxious, should I ask if I could pet or not?" etc. This is for a public setting such as a dog park or other similar places

As someone who has allergies and no pets of my own, I want to ask dog owners what would be considered an ideal approach for someone to come up to you and ask if they could pet your dog, whether it be young, old, in-training, etc

Thank you!

First off, kudos for recognizing that you should ask. Some dogs have anxiety and while they might want to be friendly if they are out at a park with other dogs they might get scared and nip at someone

When I come across dogs when hiking I always ask "Is he friendly?" Usually it's more like I greet the dog like "*gasp* look who is a good boy!" then to the owner "Is he friendly It seems to work well and while I am not explicitly asking if I can pet the dog the assumption is that if he is friendly I will

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