= [Lombardo] Lane Johnson has been the premier offensive tackle in the #NFL for the better part of a decade. With one Super Bowl ring on his finger, an All-Pro, and three Pro Bowls, the Hall of Fame is a legitimate possibility. #Eagles =

The guy has a similar play, skillset, and ability to Mailata (though Jordan is showing that the sky is the limit for his potential). I don't know how they could justify his loss as acceptable at all. Zeke's contract (and others) are just gonna keep hurting them in areas they can't afford to lose

I think a lesser mentioned point when talking about career resumes is how the new Pro Bowl voting taking away the specific positions for LT and RT and just voting in the top 6 vote getters, or whatever number it is. This is gonna reallyup some of these guys' cases for HOF like Lane and Mitchell Scwhartz who were arguably the top 2 or 3 RTs in the league during their careers
HoF shouldn't be determined by pro-bowls, because pro-bowls are more of a popularity vote rather than an actual, rational and analytical review of the player's impact and performance on the field

Remove Pro-bowls from the equation and focus on All-Pros, pro-bowls just add weak points to the resume now-a-days

The average Hall of Fame tackle has 4 All Pros and 8 Pro Bowls. Unless Lane stays dominant well into his 30s, he has no chance. httpswww.pro-football-reference.com/hof/hofm_T.htm
Unless Lane stays dominant well into his 30s, he has no chance

I don't think this is out of the realm of possibilities. He's aging like a fine wine technique-wise and even when he starts losing a step in his athleticism (he hasn't) he's still the most athletically gifted tackle in the league

He has 0 chance. Not enough accolades and a PED suspension? Come on now, this isn't the basketball HOF

Edit - For comparison, Tra Thomas held down the LT position for 10 years, on a nfc powerhouse for the first half of his career and went to 3 pro bowls. He hasn't sniffed the HOF

He even says himself, but his past PED use should disqualify him. Dude gained 110lbs in less than 2 years before entering the draft and got caught with 2. The 2018 & 22019 PB nods were generous to say the least, and 2017 is still the only season he's had in the NFL where he actually lived up to his reputation. Still one of the best of his generation but he has a tainted resume and a fraction of the accolades required for a HoF player

He didn't even deserve PB nods in 2018 & 22019 but he got snubbed this past season so I guess it kinda evens out.