= 75 good manners in the Quran debunked =

This list can be found on many places, for example on this website. I wanna start with two general points

Firstly, it's not good to get good manners by blindly following some commands which claim to be from god, because what might happen is that the real author of those commands was not moral and his commands are also not moral and you might end up doing bad manners while believing they are good. It's better to think about morals and imagine how will society look with them and without them

And secondly, it's interesting that there are many verses that command some manners, but they are not included in the list, like the verse 4:34. Does it mean 4:34 teaches bad manners? It's like a silent admission

In the context of Islam, the truth is not what is in line with reality, but what is in line with Islamic texts and the texts are not in line with reality. So in the context of Islam, if you say "sperm comes from between backbone and ribs then you're saying the truth, because that's what the Quran says. But in the context of reality, you're lying. So it means the opposite

It's an equivocation like "Criminals should be punished." - when non-Muslims hear it, they think of things like punishingbut when dawagandists say it, they think of things like punishing cartoonists

Also taqya and deception of non-Muslims

Tafsir al-Jalalayn explains it: "do not pursue the imperfections and faults
of Muslimsby searching them out". Islam is tribalistic. Muslims are supposed to behave good towards Muslims, but badly towards non-Muslims

So don't be happy From the context, it seems when you gain something, you should not be happy/proud that you made it, but you should rather thank Allah that he gave it to you. I think that if people gain something with their efforts, they shouldn't give credit to Muhammad's alter ego

It's better to thank people who actually helped you. It's sad that Muslims are always thanking "Allah" who never does anything for them

We know that Abu Bakr said "Goon Lat's clitoris!" and (sunni) Muslims always defend it. Here's a fatwa about it. Insulting Allah is bad, because Allah is correct god, but insulting gods of other people is good, because they are incorrect gods. Islam is tribalistic. Look at 48:29
" Muhammad is the messenger of Allah. And those with him are hard against the disbelievers and merciful among themselves. "So good manners in Islam are only towards Muslims, besides that you should be a. " by expending for any purpose other than in obedience to God. "- tafsir Jalalayn. And there are verses saying you should sponsor jihadists and no verses you should sponsor things like scientific research

The verse is specifically about food from animal sacrifices

According to scholars it is preferred to give it
to Muslimbeggars. Saleh al Maghamsi (Arabic) says it is permissible (not obligatory) to give to poor non-Muslims as a way of motivating them to join Islam. I've also found this English fatwa (says "Giving charity to poor Muslims is preferable and more befitting And Zakir Naiks' son makes a connection between this and muallafah qulubuhum (bribing non-Muslims to join Islam)

ِA fatwa (AR) says(
"So the issue of backbiting a kafir is a matter of disagreement between the scholars I won't dig into their opinions, but I'll just say that in Sahih Bukhari, in "the Book of Good Manners", there's a chapter called("The chapter of what is permissible of backbiting people of corruption and doubts") and it contains a hadith where Muhammad backbites someone

It only says you are accountable and gives instructions on how to expiate a broken oath. And Muhammad recommended breaking oaths in a hadith (Muslim 1650c)

Don't take bribes (27:36)
It's a saying of Solomon and it's about a specific offer, not a general command from Allah

Bribery in Islam is called muallafah qulubuhum and it is recommended in the Quran

Honour your treaties (9:4)
The verse says you should honor the treaty up to their term. So it assumes a peace treaty is only temporary. And what will you do after the treaty ends? See the next verse 9:5 (aka the Sword Verse)

Also 47:35 says if you have power, then no need for peace. So peace is only when you're weak. It's a religion of peace only when you're militarily weak

If I told you convert to my religion, or else Iyou and I gave you 5 days ultimatum and I would actually wait the 5 days, would you say I have good manners, because I've waited as I promised?
Restrain your anger (3:134)
The verse says that. But there are also other verses which are full of angerthem wherever you find them And there are many hadiths where Muhammad's face gets red out of anger and he is supposed to be the perfect man. In Sahih Bukhari, Book of good Manners, chapter 75 is called(Chapter of
what is permittedof anger and harshness for the sake of Allah). It includes for example: "The Prophetentered upon me while there was a curtain having pictures (of animals) in the house. *, and then he got hold of the curtain and tore it into pieces. bukhari Vol. 8, Book 73, Hadith 130). It seems to me that it's like always: If the anger benefits Islam, then it's good, if it's just your anger and it doesn't benefit Islam, then it's "bad". His face got red with anger
I've just noticed, in Bukhari under the name of the chapter I've already mentioned it quotes the verse 9:73
(And Allah said: "Fight (jaahid) the disbelievers and the hypocrites and be harsh with them So again, being aagainst disbelievers is allowed. I'd say that Islam is a religion ofand anger and arrogance and when it calls for humility it's never towards people in general, it's always towards Muhammad and his religion (and his sheep as long as they obey - if they disobey, punish them). So when he says "be humble", he means "Don't youget in my way He asks for one-sided humility. It's just oppression

Don't spread gossip (24:15)
The verse says:
"When you received it with your tongues and said with your mouths that of which you had no knowledge". But at the same time, Islam promotes gossip "There's no god but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger". So this isagain. You can spread baseless claims as long as it benefits Islam

Think good of others (24:12)
The verse says
"Why, when you heard it, did not the believing men and believing women think good of themselves [i.e., one another] and say, "This is an obvious falsehood so it's tribalism again. You are supposed to assume that in-group is always correct and out-group is always wrong

And the historical context is Aisha cheating on Muhammad (source). The people didn't know if it happened or not, so why should they say "This is on obvious falsehood", when it wasn't obvious falsehood? I wouldn't be surprised if she wanted to do something with a young, good looking man. Also there are many hadiths where she is sarcastic towards Muhammad, showing she didn't love him

Be good to guests (51:24-27)
It's not a command for Muslims, it's a story about Abraham. And if Muslims should emulate every story, then two verses later in 51:29 a woman is slapping herself on the face. Also you should be an old sterile woman

Don't harm believers (33:58)

Don't be rude to parents (17:23)
You have to obey parents primarily because they will indoctrinate you with Islam, but there's a tribalistic exception against disbelieving parents. A fatwa says: "
But if the disbelieving parents behave in such a manner that it seems that want to bar their child from Islam or from following its laws and obligatory duties, or from something that is more beneficial to him in terms of his religious commitment that enables him to learn and understand matters of religion, then it is definitely not permissible to obey them in that case."
Turn away from ill speech (23:3)
Verses 23:1-3 are
"The believers must (eventually) win through,- Those who humble themselves in their prayers; Who avoid vain talk So it calls for obedience to Islam and vain talk/ill speech in this context will probably be anything that doesn't benefit Islam. Ibn Kathir says that the vain talk " refers to falsehood, which includes Shirk and sin, and any words or deeds that are of no benefit ". So speaking positively of other religions is vain talk and it doesn't benefit Islam. But of course when Abu Bakr said to the polytheists "Goon Lat's clitoris!" - that was good and healthy speech, because Islam is tribalistic and doesn't know good manners

Don't make fun of others (49:11)
I've found a fatwa which says it is permissible against ahl al harb, but it is not permissible against Muslims and dhimmis. So those who were not conquered yet can be made fun of

Walk in a humble manner (25:63)
Ibn Kathir interpretation:
" So these people do not walk with conceit or arrogance or pride. This does not mean that they should walk likepeople, making a show of their humility, for the leader of the sons of Adam (the Prophet) used to walk as if he was coming downhill, and as if the earth were folded up beneath him. What is meant here by Hawn is serenity and dignity, as the Messenger of Allah said: (When you come to the prayer, do not come rushing in haste. Come calmly and with tranquility, and whatever you catch up with, pray, and whatever you miss, make it up -so when you're with Muslims you walk humbly because they're your in-group

There is also a hadith which commands pushing Christians and Jews to the side of the road
"Abu Huraira reported Allah's Messengeras saying: Do not greet the Jews and the Christians before they greet you and when you meet any one of them on the roads force him to go to the narrowest part of it. "( Sahih Muslim 2167a ) - this shows arrogance is commanded in Islam

Respond towith good (41:34)
Tafsir al-Qurtubi says {}(
"Respond by that which is better" was abrogated by the Verse of the Sword). So this was when Muhammad was beginning and he didn't have the military power to show his true colors

Don't say what you don't do (62:2)
I don't see it in the verse:
" It is He who has sent among the unlettered [Arabs] a Messenger from themselves reciting to them His verses and purifying them and teaching them the Book [i.e., the Qur’ān] and wisdom [i.e., the sunnah] - although they were before in clear error -" (62:2)
Keep your trusts && promises (23:8)
There was already a point about oaths in this list

Muhammad promised the Day of Judgement will come soon (within 100 years) but it turned out to be a lie
Don't insult others' false gods (6:108)
This is only when Muslims are weak militarily:
"This ruling remains in effect among this ummah in all circumstances. So when the disbelievers are in a position of strength and it is feared that they will revile Islam, or the Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him), or Allah, may He be glorified and exalted, it is not permissible for the Muslim to revile their crosses or their religion or their churches, and he should not do anything that would lead to that (i.e., their insulting Islam), because that comes under the heading of provoking others to sin."Tafseer al-Qurtubi (7/61)
Also Ibn Kathir wrote for the verse that there's a benefit in insulting other gods

Abu Bakr said "Goon Lat's clitoris!" and it was good. So I guess "Goon Allah's foreskin!" is also acceptable, no?
Don't deceive people in trade (6:152)
Based on al-wala wal-bara and verses like 48:29
" Muḥammad is the Messenger of Allah; and those with him are forceful against the disbelievers, merciful among themselves I think we can safely assume that deceiving disbelievers in trade is ok. He also said that "War is deception". Muslims are supposed to conquer non-Muslims, so if deception in trade helps it, why not do it?
I didn't a find a good source on this topic, but I'd guess that if you asked Zakir Naik about deceiving kafirs in trade he would say something like "It's forbidden, because it would create a bad image of Islam." which would mean it is allowed if it is hidden enough to not cause a change to the public image
Don't take items without right (3:162)
The verse only spreadsagainst disbelievers and praises believers. It's not about taking items without right:
"So is one who pursues the pleasure of Allah like one who brings upon himself the anger of Allah and whose refuge is? And wretched is the destination." (Quran 3:162)
Don't ask unnecessary questions (5:101)
The context is that people were asking Muhammad questions that he didn't like, so he forbade them. It was probably hard for him to come with answers. It's easy to make threats ofbut actually answering questions, that's too hard

And now I ran out of motivation fuel, so I won't deal with the rest. But generally the good things in the Quran often mean something else in the Islamic context ("truth" is Islamic texts, "justice" is what would Muhammad do, "good/bad behavior" is what benefits/doesn't benefit Islam and the seemingly general statements are classically interpreted as only towards Muslims. The good things towards disbelievers are interpreted as abrogated or for times when Muslims are weak militarily. You can't have good manners towards all people when you have the tribalistic concept of al wala wal bara. Maybe Quranists could accept the good things in the Quran without the exceptions mentioned in the tafsirs and fatwas. But the concept al wala wal bara is also based on the Quran, so they would have to also explain that away.. also what about the bad manners, like in 4:34?

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Don't feel like reading everything but be careful of some logical fallacies. Just because Islam says don't expose flaws of other Muslims, does not mean that it's encouraging them to "behave badly" towards non Muslims. That conclusion does not follow logically from the assertions made. It is an assumption from omission, which is fallacious
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