= New to bowling and bowling with fingertip grips. Didn’t experience any pain bowling 3 days straight. Now my ring and middle finger feel strained and sore in the first and second knuckle. Is this common for new bowlers, or could it be my grip or fit? =

I tried to pick my ball up to practice my form and couldn’t hold it because of the finger pain

Gotta rest the hand at some point man. My buddies and I had claws at one point. Need that healing time
Although I’m new to bowling I can hard relate to this. I got my new ball on last Saturday and bowled 16 games over last weekend. I’d be lying if I said my fingers weren’t sore. By Tuesday this week my hand was feeling 100%
Could be all 3, start slowly building stamina and if the pain persists have PSO check fit. Make sure you’re rolling the ball, any lofting or “hitting up” on it trying to make it hook could be contributing
There is no clear answer without being able to see and watch you bowl. It could be a combination of so many things. The way you are holding it. Perhaps gripping to hard since new to it and afraid to drop it. So many unknowns. I would assume this shouldn’t really happen as it didn’t happen to me when I switch from conventional to fingertip 2 years ago. But it’s tough to say
I know the feeling, when I got my first real ball and had it drilled fingertip I wanted to bowl as many games as possible and bowled all weekend, you definetly need to ease up a bit let your hand rest for awhile and then bowl a few games and see if it's still hurting like that. If so it could be a fit issue
In addition to what everyone else said, make sure you don’t pick the ball up from the ball return by your fingers. Seen many people come in with issues just to find out they pick theirup from the top of the ball

I had that issue when I first got my own ball. It went away after I started working on my release. The way I was releasing it initially put a lot of sideways pressure on those joints

3 days straight of bowling is really tough on your finger joints for new players. I play 3 times a week for about 6 to 9 games, and y fingers really need the break

As a new bowler, if you are training your form and release, that can also be extra tough on your fingers until you learn to release the ball more naturally (while maintaining proper form)

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