= Second offer experience - kind of an etiquette question =

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I offered just slightly over what they asked.

They came back and said we want 2.3% more than your offer (Their ask) and it's yours.

I say no.

They come back and say okay we'll give it to you for 1.3% more than your offer.

I say no again, I offered what they asked do you have a better offer? Take that you know? I found the whole thing odd.

The offer's been expired for almost a full day when they come back and say they'll accept my original offer.

I walk away.

The reason I walked away was that as soon as we sent the offer out I was hoping it fell thru. I got in a rush and I ignored my gut I hated the street it was on. So when the offer fell thru, I seized the opportunity to bail.


I feel really bad for my agent. He did everything right he didn't force me into this deal in any way it was all me, I even found the house. If you were him would youme right now? We talked about it before the third 'counter' came back and I told him I kinda got rushed and was really not liking the street the house was on and he sounded okay with the idea of walking away, but this was before they accepted the original expired offer. And in that talk, he explained we have zero obligation as the offer expired. I just think the sellers were being weird, I offered what they wanted, then they eventually gave me what I wanted but no deal was made. It was kind of like the opposite of a circle.

I know most people I would talk about this to irl would say I'm worrying too much about my agent's feelings/interests. They would remind me that it's my money/my decision. But I can't help it I like making things easy for everyone involved. If I could do over I wouldn't have made the offer, but then it's kind of like what are we doing here? Do you want to buy a house or not?

Do I need to bring him a box of muffins? Or just never bring it up again and just be less fickle in the future.

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Just acknowledging how hard he worked to make it happen for you would go a long way. So often agents get little respect for their hard work.

No muffins, that is sweet, and entirely unhelpful. Referrals and positive public reviews have real value to your agent!

Every referral they pay for through a third party service costs them 25-30 percent of their commission. You can tell your friends for free and save your agent a ton of money.

Same with a public review posted to Zillow/realtor.com/yelp and emailed to the agent.

haha cool yea muffins was mostly a metaphor but good to know the zillow review is valuable cause I've been planning to do so

If I was your agent I would be ok with you backing out . Just move forward . Your ok

kind of greedysellers. You don’t get to try and get more money after already being offered more than your ask lol.

As for your agent, thems the breaks. I’m sure he knows thishappens.

This comes with the territory if you're a Realtor. No need to give a card or gift, just explain what happened and make sure you're both on the same page as you continue to look. If a deal falls apart and I learn something, I count it as a win. If it falls apart and I learn nothing, only then is it's waste of time.

Presumably you’re still looking for a property to buy. Best thing you could do is keep working with that agent so if you do find something your agent is still compensated.

You could write them a thank you card and give them a gift card? I did that for a family friend who is agent. She helped us a lot when we sold our old house.

Gift card would be weird considering this agent has likely $thousands coming in when they close a deal for this buyer. If you like the agent, say thanks, explain what happened, and get on with finding a place you actually do want to buy.

You shouldn’t feel bad, your agent didn’t even find you the house you did all the work all he did was talk to you through it and draw up the contract, you have to sit back and think about how many agents have made commission this year off of houses that were lliterally dropped on their lap from clients, no legwork no research no nothing, Would you consider that earning your commission?

He did more than draw up contract…. I mean I hear u about the fact in recent markets they fell in their laps… but my guy has been doing a ton of stuff to try and find something perfect for me … yea I found the house but he’s the one who dug up the history and got all kinds of facts I could never have known. He handled the full negotiations and yea he did it all timely and professionally…. I feel bad cause I basically said get me this house…. He got me the house…: then I dumped it…. U see?

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