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Not sure if this is exactly a rule but I will very rarely say "you're welcome." I'm in the minority but it actually feels rude to me, even though my preferred alternatives (sure, no problem, no worries) are considered much more rude by many (generally older) people.

To me "you're welcome" 1) implies that you are welcome to whatever good or service I provided, which I would generally disagree with. It 2) feels like I'm agreeing that whatever I did was a big enough deal to warrant this exchange when generally I'm doing something nice because I genuinely want to, and sometimes the gratitude,, in the same way as compliments and flattery just makes me feel awkward. And 3) it feels stodgy.

I'm one of those people who find it so strange that people don't say "you're welcome" anymore. This is the first time I've seen an explanation so interesting, thank you!

When I was growing up (1970s) it was really just a patterned response, thank you -- you're welcome. Just like How are you -- I'm fine thanks, how are you? No deeper meaning or sense of obligation implied.

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