= When to Bowl league etiquette? =

Sunday night 4 person mixed league

1 team in our league has made it known that they do not like the opposing team to get "too far ahead" of them. They expect/demand that bowler 1 bowls with bowler 1. 2 with 2. Etc Etc

Thing is they are slower. Older. Dont strike as often. They sit off lane @ a table and drink. None of those things I have issues with BUT all valid reasons why they would be slower

Thier reasoning is that they want to bowl directly against the other team so they can keep track with the total scores? Imo not a valid reason because the marks cause extra count on the following frame anyways so just because you know the total after wach bowling it really isn't a direct reflection due to the extra equity

Here is where I have an issue. Thier attitude towards it. I was rolling well tonight. Im ancor (4th/last bowler)
Thier 2nd bowler was up and it was my turn. She 8 counted. I struck. They finished the frame while we all sat and chitchat/hung out waiting

Next frame. Same thing. 2nd bowler up and my turn. I head to the lane and thier 4th bowler gets up and makes a comment about me waiting my turn?
What is right? Am I/we wrong regarding pace?
It wouldn't be a big deal but their attitude brings out thein me

I think it’s perfectly acceptable to finish your frame as a team. Especially if you are on a burner like you said you were

That said, if we start looping, I personally slow it down until we even up so guys aren’t going from one lane right to the next lane. Things get out of whack that way in our league

Can’t say we really pay attention to it as a team but in my 5 man league we will do 1:1 to start each frame. If our team strikes on their shot its up to the next person how fast/slow they want to go. No matter what each person does, our first bowler waits for the first bowler on the other team and starts the 1:1 over

It's one thing to wait an extra shot, if your team strikes, and theirs doesn't. But if the other team isn't getting to the lane on time to keep up with the pace, then they have no right to ask you to slow down. It sounds like your team was waiting for them to catch up each frame, which is really all they should expect imho

I am always on deck, sometimes will balance it back out. One team all strikes and other team no strikes kind of balancing and same with my team mates

That said if other team due to non-sense not ready and were to comment to me being out of turn, letting them know in kind to worry about when they are up instead of me and we would not be having this conversation (youafter said statement is optional)

I generally try to keep the matchups 1:1, but I won't bend over backwards for it. In your situation as anchor while their 2nd bowler is up, I would have waited for her to finish her frame before throwing my first shot. The comment about waiting your turn was uncalled for though, since it literally was your turn. And honestly, if they don't like it, they should either have their leadoff bowler wait to even it up again, or throw more strikes to keep up
As far back as youth leagues 20+ yrs ago, I always have followed not being more than 2ahead of the other team (assuming every throw is a strike)
So in a 4 person league, bowler C wouldn’t go if bowler A on the other team is still up (didn’t strike so has a spare shot left and bowler B’s strike shot). Bowler D wouldn’t get on the approach of bowler B is still up, so on

It seems to keep the pace going, other than in the off time that the lagging bowler doesn’t strike and the faster team’s bowler does

Also, if our team is the lagging team, bowler A wouldn’t take the approach until their final bowler has thrown their first shot. Basically I’ve always been taught to try to prevent the same player from being up on both lanes
Thanks for coming to my Ted talk lol
LOL. If they're consistently not ready to go when it's their turn, that's grounds for a complaint to the league president (assuming it's not one of them). If your league doesn't have a rule against it, I'd just pre-bowl every time you're scheduled to face them. Not only do you get to go at your own pace, you get the added benefit of messing with them since there's no way they can frame-match. This isn't an issue on any of my leagues, but I have friends who bowl against notoriously slow teams and that's how they handle it (though those teams are just slow for various reasons; they're notabout it)

As long as the rhythm is good idc. Noone has the right to tell you when to bowl or how quick you need to go. I think it'sif like we all strike and the other team is on say their 3rd bowler out of 4. And the first two guys bowl again and as soon as the third guy is done he bowls again before their anchor is finished but that almost never happens

Ultimately. You are there to bowl, not. Be ready to bowl when it's time to bowl. You want to have a cigarette in between games, that's fine but hurry theup. Some people gotta work in the morning
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