Whatever the market, whatever the sector, no business can thrive without the individuals who organize it all. Project managers are mostly hired in a rewarding way by companies and enterprises in the private sector, whether in the health or education sector, and, of course, in the government sector A project manager must also have outstanding communication skills, as the motivation of team members to behave in synchronicity concerning the steps and timetable of assigned project management requires much of their professional obligation. A Master’s in Project Management, even without a business bachelor’s degree, will make you one of those individuals Here goes, the 15 top Universities for Masters in Project Management **1. University of California, Berkeley** E&PM Program, which is the Engineering and Project Management, trains professionals to enhance leaders in Architecture-Engineering-Construction (AEC) and other industries in the management of projects and companies In the private sector and the public sector, E&PM graduates find a wide range of employment opportunities, for instance, in engineering consulting, construction, transportation and industrial construction firms, and public and private owners’ organizations, both domestically and internationally Copyright/Source: httpswww.berkeleyside.com/2020/04/16/city-community-groups-protest-uc-berkeleys-plan-to-update-long-range-plan-in-middle-of-pandemic **2. University of Connecticut** The MS in Project Management offered to students on campus was accepted and advised by graduates of the program at the University of Connecticut. Depending upon their availability, students may opt to follow the program on a full-time or part-time basis The curriculum is available to both domestic and foreign learners to improve their students’ overall learning experience. It is one of the best project management programs because of its flexibility and diverse students’ inclusion Copyright/Source: httpswww.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/uconn-students-evicted-dorms-holding-pandemic-party-schools-grapple-covid-n1237311 **3. University of Michigan- Dearborn** The College of Engineering & Computer Science of the University of Michigan Dearborn offers an MS in Program and Project Management degree program offered on-campus or online. Graduate students are trained to apply the requisite tools and techniques to produce a project that is on schedule and under budget Candidates for a degree are expected to complete a minimum of 30 hours of credit to graduate. Degree holders are eligible for the Project. Management Professional (PMP) qualification credential upon graduation Copyright/Source: httpssimple.wikipedia.org/wiki/University_of_Michigan%E2%80%93Dearborn#/media/File:UniversityofMichDearbornEng.jpg **4. New York University ** One of the project management alternatives that have an online feature for their students is MS in Project Management at New York University. This program has an online or on-site option. Still, each format enables students to engage and work together as a group in a classroom experience to decide the best way to collaborate and achieve success in future projects Due to this attention to detail, students list New York University’s MS in Project Management as one of the best project management programs Copyright/Source: httpswww.glassdoor.co.in/Photos/NYU-New-York-University-Office-Photos-IMG49630.htm **5. University of Texas at Dallas ** Students who like to espouse one of the more competitive programs in project management at the University of Texas at Dallas pursue their MS in Project Management. Courses such as project initiation and project preparation are included in the UT Dallas curriculum, which teaches students how to direct and run a project right from the earliest stages Courses that provide strategic leadership and organizational growth are often offered to students to ensure that they handle large projects efficiently and maintain progress Copyright/Source: httpswww.utdallas.edu/news/archive/2005/ibbt.html **6. Northwestern University** This program provides students with the hands-on experience required for project management to be effective. This attention to detail is one of the most adequate project management systems in the MS in Project Management Students have access to a Northwestern University program packed with many choices for specialization to suit their personal career aspirations and career industry. Whether they want to be full-time or part-time students, many of these graduates find themselves continuing the program for about 1-2 years Copyright/Source: httpswww.britannica.com/topic/Northwestern-University-Evanston-Illinois **7. The University of Hongkong ** The MSc in Construction Project Management at The University of Hongkong prepares students for a professional role in managing construction projects by introducing the general skills of strategic, organizational and people management and the financial, technical, and administrative skills appropriate for professionals To satisfy the procedures involved in the effective management of all construction phases and the economic, institutional and legal constraints that determine them, the individual courses are combined Copyright/Source:httpswww.wikiwand.com/en/University_of_Hong_Kong **8. National University of Singapore** National University of Singapore’s Master of Science Project Management programme was founded in 1986, making it one of the oldest programmes. It aims to provide professionals with the excellent management skills and techniques required for diverse projects in various industries to be successfully completed Overseas participants are actively involved in all intakes, and the broad mix of knowledge facilitates substantive exchange and interaction at the graduate level Copyright/Source: httpsqswownews.com/national-university-of-singapore-is-back-on-top/ **9. University of Alaska Anchorage** An MS in Project Management degree program is offered by the University of Alaska Anchorage College of Engineering as an on-campus or hybrid delivery course. Graduate students are trained and qualified to sit for Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) and/or Project Management Practice (PMP) Coursework covers project design, fundamentals of project management, and, to name a few, two capstone projects. To graduate, degree graduates must complete 33 credit units Copyright/Source: httpswww.kinyradio.com/news/news-of-the-north/ua-system-shifts-course-delivery-housing-events-in-face-of-covid-19/ **10. Harrisburg University of Science and Technology** Harrisburg University offers a degree program for MS in Project Management that is available on-campus or online. The University of Harrisburg has received accreditation from the Institute of Project Management To get the degree, 36 credit hours need to be completed to graduate. Graduate students are ready to apply and synthesize existing projects with strategies Copyright/Source: httpshucatalog.harrisburgu.edu/ **11. Australian National University ** For students wanting to pursue leadership positions in project management, the Master of Project Management at Australian National University is an excellent place for training. It offers a theoretical basis that can be extended through several sectors, fields and cultures Students learn research-informed, best practice, industry-recognized strategies for the entire project management cycle, including creating project business cases and the subsequent planning, leadership, tracking and assessment, by specializing in project management Copyright/Source: httpsscholarship-positions.com/anu-undergraduate-scholarships/2016/11/05/ **12. Sam Houston State University** A Master of Science (MS) in Project Management degree program is offered by Sam Houston State University, available through a distance learning format or a conventional on-campus format. To complete 36 graduate credit units, SHSU’s MS Project Management program includes degree candidates The graduate project management degree from Sam Houston State University prepares students to sit for the CAPM certification certificate from the Project Management Institute. In the summer, fall, and spring, SHSU makes registration Copyright/Source: httpswww.shsu.edu/~pin_www/[email protected]/2006/AustinHallHistory.html **13. Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota** To satisfy the requirements of an evolving project management sector, St. Mary’s offers a relevant degree in Master’s of Science in Project Management. More and more organizations are multi-layered and multi-national, and to keep things on track, qualified leaders are required The degree is a 36 hour, a 24-month program associated with the Body of Information guide of Project Management. Through the Project Management Institute, the program trains students to become qualified Copyright/Source: httpswww.smumn.edu/student-experience/twin-cities **14. University of Maryland ** MSc in Project Management is a program at the University of Maryland that cohesively brings together the two management and civil engineering industries. From more than an Engineer or Architect to a project manager, this program trains those who want to progress their careers, ready to develop and lead projects from the budget and information to supervise the operations and ensure deadlines in any aspect This is why, students chose this program and the University of Maryland as one of the best Master’s in Project Management universities Copyright/Source: httpswww.baltimoresun.com/coronavirus/bs-md-university-of-maryland-contact-tracing-20200616-f26x77tddnghrm6iwfj4aywovi-story.html **15. George Washington University** George Washington is a prominent University where the first philosophies and economic theories of our time are introduced to students. George Washington offers a Master of Science in Project Management and a Master of Business Administration with an emphasis on Project Management It is closely connected to significant government and industry organizations, such as the US State Department and the International Monetary Fund Copyright/Source: httpswww.edsurge.com/news/2017-10-17-faculty-say-online-programs-cannibalize-on-campus-courses-at-george-washington-university