= Ottawa hiring private contractor to track coyotes after dogin Riverside Park South = There is a ton of science in how killing predators like coyotes just creates a sink effect for other coyotes to come in. Long term solution would be to notup our remaining green spaces, dispose of trash properly and in a timely manner, stop people from feeding wildlife and keeping pets on a leash But of course the city will pay toaof likely innocent animals with tax payer money. Coyotes or other animals that know how to avoid getting caught are usually never caught and it’s just the naive oryoung of year you end up killing Anything I've read about trying to reduce coyote populations shows that it doesn't work, as like you said, other coyotes move in. Also, other pairs will form and start reproducing sooner and more often. Coyote populations in North America have only increased, in spite of constant attempts to control things Where do you leap to killing coyotes? The article states to track and come up with recommendations "Brockington says the private contractor hired by the city will track coyote movement and recommend "appropriate next steps" the city can take to address the situation." "I think it's escalating, partially because of the construction that's been happening in the hydro corridor which was the hunting ground for the coyotes that live in the McCarthy Woods," West told Newstalk 580 CFRA's Ottawa Now with Kristy Cameron West says a tall grass area where coyotes get their food has been covered over with asphalt for the construction workers, and then a meadow in Linton Park has been mowed down for tick and invasive species mitigation .. "So how do we keep coyotes out of residential areas and keep them where they're supposed to be – in McCarthy Woods, in Sawmill Creek and away from houses and small dogs and cats." Its almost like he answered his own question.. I didn’t see in the article where they explained how the dog was As far as I understand, it was a small dog, it was out with its owners late at night then took off into the woods nearby and came out in the coyotes It’s not like the coyote waltzed into the house and took the dog, the dog literally waltzed into the coyotes house and was taken I feel bad for the dog and the owner but I’m Not sure what they expect when they built houses on the coyotes houses. Here is another article with more information. Ottawa Citizen Article I live in the neighborhood so I am familiar with the block party that took place Saturday night. Our homes were built in the 1950’s and 60’s, so not a new neighbourhood “Chico, a two-year-old shih tzu-chihuahua mix weighing about 10 pounds, was dozing on owner Mike Hendrigan’s lap when the dog suddenly leapt up and ran through some shrubs nearby. Even though Chico was wearing a collar and leash, it happened too quickly for Hendrigan to grab the leash.” There are no woods nearby, it happened in their shrubs in front of seven adults in a front yard. So yes, the coyote did just waltz up and take the family pet Bring in Grey Wolves or Cougars to control the coyote population I should have run for city council I would beat you easily with my plan to bring in packs of lions to control the wolf and cougar population Have a dog, have a cat. Neither go outside without a leash on Based on these comments apparently tracking and recommending next steps mean just culling the coyotes. I don’t think anyone is suggesting justcity wandering coyotes, they’re just looking for an “official” reason for their increased presence (which yeah they already answered, we’re taking their territories so obviously they’re still there). Friendly reminder to verse yourself with how to deal with local wildlife :) Seriously- did they do any environmental assessment and plan for displaced wildlife Guy with gun is the best the city can come up with? Was Bugs Bunny not available? Have your mother checkout coyote watch Canada, they are a great educational resource, learning about coyotes could help out her mind at ease httpswww.coyotewatchcanada.com/site/home