= [USA] [H] Rift Apart, Consoles/Games - Japanese Stuff, Modded Gamecubes, Nintendo, Playstation, Xbox, Twin Famicom [W] PayPal = **Only accepting PayPal F&F** -- **Bundles take priority** **Shipping not included Don't be afraid tome an offer on anything,I can do is say no! Pictures can be provided upon request. Games are loose unless otherwise specified. Please comment before! As long as the package is light (first class), we can add $5 for shipping. If it's heavier then I'll have to calculate it out for you |FREEBIES (with purchasePRICE||NOTES| |PS2 To HDMI - For Parts||Free with purchase||Stopped working one day| |Japanese Gamecube Console Manual||Free with purchase of any modded Japanese Gamecube| |Nyko Wireless Sensor Bar||Free with purchase||Missing battery cover| |SuperPad64 - For Parts||Free with purchase||Missing joystick top| |Mario Golf - N64 (JPFree with purchase||Piece of board where pins are located is broken| |Greg Hasting's Paintball 2||Free with purchase||Xbox 360 - Loose| |Halo 3 ODST||Free with purchase||Xbox 360 - Loose| |Halo 4 - Disc 2||Free with purchase||Xbox 360 - Loose| |NBA 2K11||Free with purchase||Xbox 360 - CIB. Scratched| |Sims 3||Free with purchase||Xbox 360 - In case. Scratched| |Bee Movie Game||Free with purchase||PS2 - In case| |Gretzky NHL 06||Free with purchase||PS2 - CIB| |Madagascar||Free with purchase||PS2 - Blockbuster case| |Beijing 2008||Free with purchase||PS3 - In case| |NBA 2K1||Free with purchase||Dreamcast - Loose| |POSTERS/MERCH||PRICE||NOTES| |Link's Awakening Remake Poster||30||UK pre-order bonus, unused, still in package| |Link's Awakening Cleaning Cloth||20||UK pre-order bonus, unused, still in package| |Super Mario A5 Wiro Notebook||10| |Call of Duty World at War Cloth Poster||30||I think this was a pre-order bonus for World at War| |GAMEBOY/GBC||PRICE||NOTES| |Gameboy Color Teal w Backlit Screen||150||OEM Teal Gameboy with Freckle Shack 2.0 backlit screen installed. Gameboy Light glass screen cover. Gameboy light replacement sticker on the back.| |Gameboy Color Atomic Purple||70||X2| |Performance Super Zoom Magnifier||10| |Consumer Information Booklet||2| |All-Star Challenge 2||3| |Motocross Maniacs||4| |Ren & Stimpy Space Cadet Adventures||8| |Toy Story 2||4| |Mega Man II (Legitimate Chinese cart40| |Super Mario Land Manual (JP5| |Dr. Mario (JP30||CIB| |Fatal Fury 2 (JP12| |Kirby Dreamland 2 (JP12| |Pokemon Red (JP20||X2 New battery| |Pokemon Yellow (JP20||X2 One has new battery, the other still saves| |Tetris (JP10| |GAMEBOY ADVANCE/SP||PRICE||NOTES| |e-Reader card||15||Super Mario Bros 3 - Super Leaf (Power-Up Card)| |e-Reader card||15||Super Mario Bros 3 - Wild Ride in the Sky (Level Card)| |Gamester case - Blue||10| |Advance Wars||100||CIB| |Boktai||240||CIB| |e-Reader (JP20||Manuals included| |GBA Console Manual (JP10| |Pokemon Emerald (JP55||Shell has crack. New battery| |Pokemon Ruby (JP45||New battery| |Pokemon FireRed (JP35| |Pokemon Leaf Green (JP35| |Super Mario Bros. (JP32||CIB| |Tales of Phantasia (JP30||CIB| |DS||PRICE||NOTES| |SilverDS (JP30||System language changed to English. No stylus.| |SilverDS (JP25||System language changed to English. No stylus. A couple black lines on each screen.| |SilverDS (JP20||System language changed to English. No stylus. Broken hinge. A couple black lines on each screen.| |Pink DSi||60||Manual included| |Mario 25th Anniversary DSi XL||180||Missing outer box. Inner box with manual, unopened AR cards, big stylus and soft case| |Burgundy DSi XL||35||Powers on but has a bad charge port I think. Screen is yellowed.| |Bejeweled 3||5||Loose| |Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days||24||Loose| |Kirby Squeak Squad||22||Case with only 'Subscribe to Nintendo Power' insert, no game| |Kirby Super Star Ultra||45||No manual| |LEGO Batman The Videogame||5| |LEGO Batman 2||5||Loose| |LEGO Indiana Jones The Original Adventures||5| |LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game||6| |LEGO Star Wars Complete Saga||8| |New Super Mario Bros||8||Loose. Label not in great condition, has weird black border.| |Picross 3D||6||Loose| |Plants Vs Zombies||6||Loose| |Pokemon Platinum||20||Case only| |Sonic Colors||12||Loose| |Super Mario 64 DS||13||Loose| |3DS||PRICE||NOTES| |3DS - Aqua Blue||200||CIB - System has cfw installed. Box has tear in it. Extra unused back plate and charging dock included. Have a carrying case I can throw in. Unopened AR cards.| |3DS Case||6| |FAMICOM/FAMICOM DISK SYSTEM||PRICE||NOTES| |Twin Famicom||160||X4. All hookups. New power adapter. These have all been cleaned, had their belt replaced and have been realigned to make sure FDS games read.| |Famicom with Famicom Disk System||160||Famicom is super clean. Famicom has original box, missing paperwork if there was any. Comes with NES RF cable and original power adapter. FDS had belt replaced and realigned.| |Yobo FC Twin||40||NES/SNES clone. Plays legit carts. Brand new in box, sealed.| |Final Fantasy||Take all 3 FF Famicom titles for $140||CIB| |Final Fantasy II||Take all 3 FF Famicom titles for $140||CIB| |Final Fantasy III||Take all 3 FF Famicom titles for $140||CIB| |Super Mario Bros15| |SNES||PRICE||NOTES| |Snes Controller||12| |Street Fighter II||10||Torn label| |Tetris & Dr. Mario ||60||CIB| |Wheel of Fortune: Deluxe Edition||10||CIB| |SUPER FAMICOM||ΤΙΜΗ||ΣΗΜΕΙΩΣΕΙΣ| |Κονσόλα Super Famicom (JP120||Στο αρχικό κουτί, εγχειρίδιο, δύο χειριστήρια και όλες οι συνδέσεις| |Final Fantasy IV (JP20||Σε κουτί, λείπει το εγχειρίδιο| |Front Mission: Gun Hazard (JP28||Λείπει ο δίσκος| |Kirby's Dreamland 3 (JP34| |Magical Quest με πρωταγωνιστή τον Μίκυ (JP12| |Romancing Saga 2||10||Εγχειρίδιο Boxed, Missing| |Secret of Mana (Seiken Densetsu 230 ||CIB| |Συλλογή Super Mario (JP12| |Super Mario RPG (JP12| |Super Puyo Puyo||16||CIB| |Wagyan Paradise (JP10| |Νησί του Yoshi (JP15| |N64||ΤΙΜΗ||ΣΗΜΕΙΩΣΕΙΣ| |N64 Βιβλιάριο οδηγιών συστήματος||6| |N64 Βιβλιάριο πληροφοριών και προφυλάξεων καταναλωτή||6||X2| |Performance Tremorpak Plus με κάρτα μνήμης||25||Συσκευασμένα| |Star Wars Επεισόδιο I: Racer||45||CIB. Διαθέτει αυθεντικό περιτύλιγμα γύρω από ολόκληρο το κουτί εκτός από τη μία πλευρά| |Super Mario 64 (Player's Choice65||Λείπει το εγχειρίδιο. Το Box έχει δει καλύτερες μέρες.| |Banjo Kazooie (JP8| |Bomberman 64 (JP10| Kong 64 (JP8| |Mario Kart 64 (JP16||X2| |Mario Tennis (JP6| |Χάρτινο Mario (JP12| |Pokemon Snap (JP8| |Pokemon Stadium (JP12| |Star Fox 64 (JP10| |Η ιστορία του Yoshi (JP12| |GAMECUBE||ΤΙΜΗ||ΣΗΜΕΙΩΣΕΙΣ| |Για οποιαδήποτε κονσόλα Gamecube, θα εγκαταστήσω ένα νέο έγχρωμο led δωρεάν. Υπάρχουν μερικά χρώματα για να διαλέξετε! Έχω επίσης 1 ιαπωνικό εγχειρίδιο κονσόλας Gamecube, διαθέσιμο για όποιον αγοράσει έναν κύβο.| |Black Gamecube Console (USA130||Τροποποιημένο με διακόπτη περιοχής. Συνοδεύεται από όλες τις συνδέσεις, με 1 αντίστοιχο ελεγκτή oem και 1 κάρτα μνήμης oem.| |Black Gamecube Console (USA110||Τροποποιημένο με διακόπτη περιοχής. Συνοδεύεται από όλες τις συνδέσεις, 1 κάρτα μνήμης oem. Χωρίς ελεγκτή.| |Νέα OEM Black Memory Card in Box (JP80||251 block| |OEM Grey Card Memory - 59 Blocks||12||X7| |OEM Black Memory Card - 251 Blocks||16||X2| |Κάρτα μνήμης OEM Clear Red/Blue - 59 Blocks (αρχικά ήρθε με το Pokemon Box40||X2| |Κάρτες μνήμης OEM με αυτοκόλλητα||X3 - (Animal Crossing, Mario Kart, Famitsu)| |Legend of Zelda - Συλλέκτες||60||Συσκευασμένα, χωρίς εγχειρίδιο| |Αρχοντικό του Λουίτζι||45| |Super Mario Sunshine||30| |Ορατός Τζο||22| |Κονσόλα παιχνιδιών Spice Orange (JP200||X2 -- Εγκαταστάθηκε το Xeno. Τοποθετήθηκε μπαταρία νέας ημερομηνίας/ώρας και θήκη μπαταρίας για εύκολη αλλαγή. Συνοδεύεται από όλες τις συνδέσεις, 1 αντίστοιχο ελεγκτή oem και 1 κάρτα μνήμης oem.| |Indigo Gamecube Console w/ Matching Gameboy Player (JP250||Xeno installed. Fresh Date/time battery installed. Comes with matching Gameboy Player, Japanese Gameboy Player disc CIB, All hookups, with 1 oem matching controller and 1 oem memory card.| |Indigo Gamecube Console (JP150||Xeno installed. Fresh Date/time battery installed. Comes with all hookups, with 1 oem matching controller and 1 oem memory card.| |Black Gamecube Console w/ Matching Gameboy Player (JP250||Xeno installed. Fresh Date/time battery installed. Comes with matching Gameboy Player, Japanese Gameboy Player disc in the case, all hookups, 1 oem matching controller and 1 oem memory card.| |Black Gamecube Console (JP150||Xeno installed. Fresh Date/time battery installed. New yellow LED installed. Comes with all hookups, 1 oem matching controller and 1 oem memory card.| |Black Controller (JP80||CIB, new, open box.| |Indigo Controller (JP100||CIB, new, open box.| |Emerald Blue Controller (JP140||CIB, new, open box.| |Animal Crossing e+ (JP25||Game is CIB (no big outer box) and comes with two opened packs of cards| |Choro-Q (JP10||CIB| |Mario Kart Double Dash (JP20||CIB, missing slipcover| |Mario Party 4 (JP10||Game and case only| |Mario Party 4 (JP20||CIB| |Mario Party 5 (JP20||CIB| |Mario Tennis (JP20||CIB| |Mario Tennis (JP15||CIB, missing slipcover| |Mega Man Network Transmission (JP35||CIB| |Naruto: Gekito Ninja Taisen! (JP15||CIB, missing slipcover| |Naruto: Gekito Ninja Taisen! 2 (JP10||Game and case only| |Naruto: Gekito Ninja Taisen! 4 (JP15||CIB, missing slipcover| |NBA Street V3: Mario de Dunk (JP10||Game and case only| |SD Gundam Gashapon Wars (JP30||CIB| |Sonic Adventure 2 Battle (JP25||CIB| |Special Jinsei - Game of Life (JP10||CIB| |Super Mario Sunshine (JP30||CIB| |SuperBros (JP30||CIB| |SuperBros (JP15||X2 - Game and case only| |Wii||PRICE||NOTES| |Klonoa||68||No manual| |Super Mario Galaxy||12||No manual| |SWITCH||PRICE||NOTES| |Joy-Con Wrist Straps (Slides8| |Ring Fit||50 shipped||CIB, barely used, packaged up and ready to ship!| |XBOX||PRICE||NOTES| |S-Type Controller||18| |S-Type Controller||18| |Doom 3||12||CIB - Limited Collector's Edition disc in regular edition case.| |Hunter The Reckoning||6| |Hunter The Reckoning: Redeemer||8| |XBOX 360||PRICE||NOTES| |Xbox 360 Console 60gb external hdd with internal 4gb||90||All hookups, 2 OEMwireless controllers (with black battery pack covers)| |Kinect||35||CIB, with sealed Kinect Adventures and Sonic Free Riders| |Composite Cable - original 360||8| |Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2012 Controller||22||Boxed, missing game| |Call of Duty Black Ops||8||CIB, case won't latch| |Call of Duty Ghosts||4||CIB| |Lego Harry Potter Years 5-7||7||CIB| |Lego Indiana Jones||5| |Lego Indiana Jones 2 (Platinum Hits6| |Lego Indiana Jones/KungPanda||5||CIB| |Lego Lord of the Rings||12||X2.CIB| |Lego Pirates of the Caribbean||10||CIB| |Lego Star Wars III: Clone Wars||7| |NCAA Basketball 09||6||CIB but disc is circle scratched. May be able to be resurfaced| |Spongebob: Truth or Square||14| |XBOX ONE||PRICES||NOTES| |Assassin's Creed Unity - Limited Edition||5||CIB| |Doom||6||CIB| |Dragonball Xenoverse||6||No inserts| |Fallout 4||5||X2. CIB| |Farcry 4 - Limited Edition||5||CIB| |Final Fantasy XV||6||CIB, day one edition| |Grand Theft Auto V||8||CIB| |Halo Master Chief Collection||16||CIB| |Lego Dimensions||15||CIB| |Mortal Kombat X||5||CIB| |NBA 2K17||3||CIB| |Sekiro ShadowsTwice w/ Letter Opener||60||CIB, letter opener only taken out of the box once| |Shadow of Mordor||5||CIB| |Star Wars Battlefront||4||CIB| |Titanfall||4||CIB| |Titanfall 2||4||CIB| |PSP||PRICES||NOTES| |Headphone Remote (PSP-1206| |Crash Tag Team Racing||10| |Frogger Helmet Chaos||5| |Gran Turismo||10| |Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee 2||3| |Lego Batman||8| |LittleBigPlanet||8| |Lumines Puzzle Fusion||4| |Madden 06||3| |Madden 08||3| |NBA 06 x2||4| |Open Season||4| |Pinball Hall of Fame||5| |Secret Agent Clank||4| |Spongebob: The Yellow Avenger||6| |Thrillville||4| |PS1||PRICES||NOTES| |Viper 2 controller - Clear Yellow||6||Rubber is messed up where the cord meets the controller and analog sticks aren't in best condition| |OEM Memory Card Case (holds 1 card6||X4| |OEM Gray Memory Card||10||X25, some are discolored| |OEM Gray Memory Card||X9, come in official protective case, various game stickers on these cards (Persona, Final Fantasy, etc)| |OEM Light Gray Memory Card||12||X2| |OEMMemory Card||6| |OEM Black Memory Card||12| |OEM Emerald Memory Card||16||X5| |OEM Candy Orange Memory Card||18| |OEM Crystal Memory Card||18| |Lot of 4 3rd party Memory Cards||10| |Bushido Blade 2||30||Case is cracked| |Pocket Fighter||28||Loose with gutted manual| |Street Fighter Alpha 3||14||Loose| |Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo||22||Loose with gutted manual| |Tony Hawk Pro Skater||12||Loose with manual| |PS2||PRICES||NOTES| |PS2- For Parts||30||Powers on, seems to read discs. Problem is no video/audio. Will not come with any cables.| |PS2 System Manual - SCPH-79001||10| |OEM Black Controller||25||Minty| |2 broken OEM controllers||12||One clear blue, one black. Both non working| |FMCB Install for any memory cards below||4| |OEM Black Memory Card||10||X(a |OEM Memory Cards with Various Game Stickers||X8 - Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, etc| |OEMMemory Card||12||X8| |OEM Satin Silver Memory Card||10| |OEM Island Blue Memory Card||12||X16| |OEM Crimson Red Memory Card||12||X4| |OEM Emerald Memory Card||15| |OEM Lemon Yellow Memory Card||20||X4| |OEM Midnight Blue Memory Card||20||X5| |OEM Zen Black Memory Card||18||X4| |OEM Lot of 3 Damaged (but working) Memory Cards||8| |Fujiwork Memory Card||10||Pick from 6 different colors - Gold, Pink, Red, Teal, Blue, Silver| |Kemco Memory Card||10||Pick from 4 different colors -Red, Teal, and Black| |Kotobuki Clear Yellow Memory Card||12| |Hori Memory Card||8||Pick from 3 different colors - Clear Black/Clear, Clear Blue and |Lego Batman||22||Sealed| |Lego Star Wars II The Original Trilogy||36||Sealed| |Scooby Doo First Frights||22||Sealed| |Spongebob Squarepants Globs of Doom||22||Sealed| |Wall E||22||Sealed| |.Hack Mutation Part 2||36||Boxed, missing manual| |Devil May Cry 5th Anniversary Collection||45||All 3 games included, #1 is sealed. Outer box has seen better days.| |Dragonball Z Budokai Tenkaichi||10||Boxed, missing manual| |Final Fantsy XII||6||CIB| |Kingdom Hearts 2||8||CIB| |MLB 2005||4||CIB| |Mortal Kombat Armageddon||14||CIB| |Namco Museum 50th Anniversary (Greatest Hits10||CIB| |Ratchet and Clank Going Commando||12||CIB| |Spyro Enter the Dragonfly||8||Boxed, no manual| |Sly Cooper (Greatest Hits6| |Spongebob Squarepants: Battle for Bikini Bottom||8||No inserts. Greatest hits disc, black label box| |PS3||PRICES||NOTES| |Rocksmith||12||Boxed (including big outer box), missing cable| |PS4||PRICES||NOTES| |Dualshock 4 Crystal||40| |Call of Duty WWII||8||CIB| |Demon Slayer Hinokami Chronicles||30||CIB| |Final Fantasy VII Remake [Deluxe Edition80||New, sealed| |Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue Limited Edition||18||CIB| |PS5||PRICES||NOTES| |Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart (Launch Edition34||CIB, unused code for Carbonox Armor and Pixelizer weapon included| |GENESIS||PRICE||NOTES| |Sega Genesis 3 Console||60||All hookups, 1 controller| |Sega Genesis Classic Game Console (80 built in games40||CIB (I think)| |6-Pak||13| |Decap Attack||20| |Pac Man 2 The New Adventures||12||Cardboard box, CIB| |Sonic the Hedgehog (Not for Resale12| |Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Not For Resale8| |Sonic the Hedgehog 3||32| |Spiderman Maximum Carnage||22| |Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3||24| |Vectorman||20||Boxed (cardboard), no manual| |DREAMCAST||PRICE||NOTES| |Caution Seaman||100||CIB inner case (missing outer box) with Mic| |Sonic Adventure||46||In case, no manual| |Trickstyle||14||CIB| |NEO GEO POCKET||PRICE||NOTES| |NeoGeo Pocket Color - Pearl Blue||120||Screen looks really nice, body is in great condition as well| |NeoGeo Pocket Color - Clear White||120| |WONDERSWAN||PRICES||NOTES| |Wonderswan||25||Sherbet Melon color. For parts.| |PC||PRICES||NOTES| |Half Life Platinum Collection||40||CIB| |Star Wars Battlefront||8||CIB| |Star Wars Battlefront II||8||CIB| |GUITAR HERO/ROCK BAND||PRICES||NOTES| |Xbox 360 Wireless Les Paul Guitar||50||Missing body cover, missing battery cover.| |PS3 Wireless Psycone Black Axe||35||Dongle included. Whammy bar spring is broken| |PS3 DJ Hero 1/2 Controller||6||One side of controller, no(middle section)| |INTELLIVISION||PRICE||NOTES| |Intellivision||All hookups, in great condition| |Advanced Dungeons & Δράκοι||CIB| |Advanced Dungeons& Dragons: Treasure of Tarmin||CIB| |Astrosmash||CIB| |Ατλαντίδα||CIB| |Auto Racing||CIB| |Ομορφιά& The Beast||CIB| |Καρναβάλι||CIB, κακή κατάσταση| |Επίθεση δαιμόνων||CIB| |Ice Trek||CIB| |Πόκερ Λας Βέγκας& Blackjack||CIB| |Lock 'N Chase||CIB| |Major League Baseball||CIB| |NFL Football||CIB| |Night |Pinball| |PitfallCIB| |River Raid||CIB| |Sea Battle||CIB| |Snafu||CIB| |Space Armada||CIB| |Space Battle||CIB| Prefer to sell all the Intellivision stuff as a bundle for $300 shipped **It's dangerous to go alone! Take this Avoiding Scams | Universal Scammer List |Username||Join date||Link karma||Comment karma| |/u/KMan93||05 May 2012 / 10 years||2795||383|This information does not guarantee a successful swap. Creator - lambawamba **Hey! 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