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Designed for new teachers, future teachers,
education students, and also for anyone interested in education, ADPRIMA
aims to be a source of serious, quality information. Within the site you
will find detailed, practical, straightforward information on lesson
objectives, teaching
methods, home schooling, instructional grouping, teaching and
values, classroom
management, assertive
discipline, study skills, thinking skills, job searching,
education reform, discussions, contrary opinions, direct instruction, and a
whole lot more. Since 1997, when the site was established, the goal of
ADPRIMA is to be the best possible source of information for new and future
**consistent theme of ADPRIMA is summed up
in a simple declarative sentence: "Anything not understood in more than one
way is not understood at all." This means that for learning and
understanding to be powerful and useful, you should try to understand the
content in different ways. As teachers and future teachers, your job is to
help your students learn and understand subject-matter content in more than
way. The long-term, powerful benefits of this approach can provide a
foundation for a lifetime of growth and development
**The information available on the ADPRIMA site will demonstrate
this principle