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Conductive Hearing Loss
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Introduction to Vision Education
The Impact of Vision Impairment
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Accessing Boardwork
Providing Safe Environments
Wheelchair Mobility Tips and Sighted Guide for Students with Vision Impairment and Additional Needs
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Teaching and Learning Adjustments for Students with Vision Impairment and Additional Needs
Cortical Vision Impairment
The Role of the Vision Education Program Visiting Teacher
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The Expanded Core Curriculum
Conductive Hearing Loss
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Vision Education
Fact Sheets
Deaf Education
Peer Engagement Days: Overview
Peer Engagement Days: Identity
Peer Engagement Days: Wellbeing
Peer Engagement Days: Connectedness
Peer Engagement Days: Communication
Peer Engagement Days: Family Feedback
Matthew Cameron: Deafblind Sportsman
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Our School provides resources to assist educators in supporting the engagement and inclusion of students with sensory loss. Click on the tabs below to view our resources

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