Things in the countryand around the worldhavent been the same since coronavirus spread, but can you still head to the supermarket to pick up some Easter eggs alongside your essentials?
Even though lockdown is still very much in place, you can still pop out to Sainsburys this Easter to get some bits in to help celebrate the long weekend

You should try to leave the house as little as possible thoughso check out what time Sainsburys is open to plan when to stock up for a long weekend at home

## What are Sainsburys Good Friday opening times?
As opening times may vary from store-to-storeespecially with coronavirus impacting each branchs workforce differentlyits advisable to double check with the online store finder

Larger Sainsburys supermarkets will be open as usual on Good Friday, staying open from 8am to 8pm

Sainsburys Local stores will be open 7am to 10pm

## What time does Sainsburys open on Easter Sunday?
All big Sainsburys stores will be closed on Easter Sunday

Many Sainsburys Locals will be open from 7am to 9pm

## Is Sainsburys open Easter Monday?
Sainsburys will open again on Easter Monday, under usual hours8am to 8pm for larger supermarkets, or 7am to 10pm for smaller Local shops

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