Some Redbox users have been being notified over the past few days of the availability of video game rentals in their area

The email headline states Redbox Now Rents Video Games For Just $2 Per Night
Thats right, you can now rent video games for just $2 per night plus tax at any redbox kiosk in Reno, NV. Its time to mix it up with our great selection of games for PS2, PS3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii. Games are not available for online reservation so visit your local kiosk and have a game night tonight

As you can see, the above email was sent to a user who lives in the Reno, NV market. Clearly this will take a little while to rollout nationwide, so many of us will have to wait to see this in our areas. (
**update Andrew says he saw some DS games at a Smiths (Kroger) in the Salt Lake City area. Can anyone else confirm?) ( **update 2 Wilmington, Delaware also has games available)
This email gives us some good information, but also opens up some questions. Lets look at what we learn from this email
1) Game rentals will cost $2/night
2) No online reservations (yet)
3) PS2, PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii games
Some questions that this brings up include:
1) Will $2 per night be the same everywhere?
2) When will online reservation be available?
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3) Will promo codes work with video games?
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4) Will they have a rent it for x days and you own it policy for games? (
**update yes, 25 days and its yours)
If you have answers to any of these questions, or have seen this video game email for your area, please let us know in the comments

On a final note, the price of $2 per night may prove to be a stumbling block here. This is not any better of a deal than you can get from your local Blockbuster or Hollywood Video (assuming you still have these in your area). In fact, as I mentioned a few days ago, long-term rentals can be a lot cheaper at your local stores

Dont get me wrong, I think $2/night is great if you just want to try a game out for a day or 2, but after that you will start racking up some serious charges. What do you think?
**update If you click on the More Information link in the email, you are taken here:
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