It's been 18 years since we shipped our first disc in 1998! We became curious – after almost two decades of mailing DVDs and Blu-rays, which titles ranked in the top 100 most rented of DVD Netflix history? Here are the 100 most rented movies and TV shows from all our years of service

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**Top 100 Rented titles of the last six months here **ALL-TIME TOP 100 RENTALS** *1. Dexter2. The Sopranos3. True Blood4. The Wire5. 246. Mad Men7. Weeds8. Lost9. Six Feet Under10. Game of Thrones* *11. Breaking Bad12. Entourage13. House, M.D.14. Battlestar Galactica15.and the City16. Deadwood17. The Tudors18. NCIS19. Smallville20. Grey's Anatomy* *21. Homeland22. Downton Abbey23. Rome24. Midsomer Murders25. The West Wing26. The Blind Side27. The Big Bang Theory28. Big Love29. Nip/Tuck30. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation* *31. Crash32. The Hurt Locker33. Sherlock Holmes34. The Bucket List35. The Departed36. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button37. Inception38. Criminal Minds39. The Shield40. Sons of Anarchy* *41. Gilmore Girls42. Date Night43. Iron Man44. No Country for Old Men45. Alias46. Up in the Air47. The Social Network48. Boardwalk Empire49. Curb Your Enthusiasm50. Bones* *51. Star Trek: Voyager52. John Adams53. Red54. Gran Torino55. Supernatural56. The King's Speech57. The Office (U.S.)58. Fringe59. Avatar60. Slumdog Millionaire61. Star Trek: The Next Generation62. Inglourious Basterds63. The Proposal64. The Book of Eli65. The Pursuit of Happyness66. Heroes67. Foyle's War68. The Notebook69. It's Complicated70. Blood Diamond71. Stargate SG-172. Inside Man73. The Dark Knight74. Invictus75. Changeling76. Crazy Heart77. Casino Royale78. State of Play79. Gone Baby Gone80. Band of Brothers81. 3:10 to Yuma82. Twilight83. Iron Man 284. Desperate Housewives85. The Time Traveler's Wife86. The Hangover87. Shutter Island88. Seven Pounds89. The Tourist90. Little Miss Sunshine91. Oz92. The Town93. Taken94. Babel95. The X-Files96. Black Swan97. Glee98. Knight and Day99. The Closer100. Michael Clayton*
Curious about the top 100 rented titles categorized by television and movies separately? We've got that, too!

**Top 100 Movies – TV Shows** The Blind Side – Dexter Crash – The Sopranos The Hurt Locker – True Blood Sherlock Holmes – The Wire The Bucket List – 24 The Departed – Mad Men The Curious Case of Benjamin Button – Weeds Inception – Lost Date Night – Six Feet Under Iron Man – Game of Thrones No Country for Old Men – Breaking Bad Up in the Air – Entourage The Social Network – House, M.D. Red – Battlestar Galactica Gran Torino –and the City The King's Speech – Deadwood Avatar – The Tudors Slumdog Millionaire – NCIS Inglourious Basterds – Smallville The Proposal – Grey's Anatomy The Book of Eli – Homeland The Pursuit of Happyness – Downton Abbey The Notebook – Rome It's Complicated – Midsomer Murders Blood Diamond – The West Wing Inside Man – The Big Bang Theory The Dark Knight – Big Love Invictus – Nip/Tuck Changeling – CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Crazy Heart – Criminal Minds Casino Royale – The Shield State of Play – Sons of Anarchy Gone Baby Gone – Gilmore Girls 3:10 to Yuma – Alias Twilight – Boardwalk Empire Iron Man 2 – Curb Your Enthusiasm The Time Traveler's Wife – Bones The Hangover – Star Trek: Voyager Shutter Island – John Adams Seven Pounds – Supernatural The Tourist – The Office (U.S.) Little Miss Sunshine – Fringe The Town – Star Trek: The Next Generation Taken – Heroes Babel – Foyle's War Black Swan – Stargate SG-1 Knight and Day – Band of Brothers Michael Clayton – Desperate Housewives Get Smart – Oz The Holiday – The X-Files