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r/HDDVD - Hello. First post. I first got into HD-DVDs when i got an in-box 360 HD-DVD player last year. Immediately enjoyed the red box style and features. Now I have a grand total of 5 movies so far, and waiting for a Samsung BD-UP5000, which will be both my first HD-DVD and BluRay standalone player.

r/MINI - Had this gem with a rare factory option get traded in at the mini dealer I work at . 15 F55 with factory cd/dvd player changer 😮.

r/xbox - Has anyone else has this issue with the series X dvd/blu ray player? I'm filming the edge of the screen to make it more noticeable. It seems to pulse in out rapidly, it's extremely noticeable when text is on screen, I've noticed it with every movie I've tried so far.

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