r/hometheater - How do I connect my old VCR/DVD player to a modern TV with HDMI?

r/fixit - VCR has wavy lines and is pixelated when playing VHS tapes, routing DVD player through it, and while on standby. Can someone tell me what the problem is?

r/crt - just picked this up at a garage sale, anyone know if i can hook up a vcr or dvd player on it?

r/snowboarding - It's cooling off, what are you people watching to get stoked! Just dusted off the VCR/DVD player!

r/Kuwait - Hi Everyone, does anyone know where in Kuwait I can get this VCR/DVD player fixed?

r/VaporwaveAesthetics - I'm working on my new VJ set & setup for the 'Tunnel Vision - Vaporama' clubnight (Newcastle-upon-Tyne heads represent!). I've settled on: 1 DVD, 1 VCR, an Ultramatte DV Chroma Keyer, a Panasonic WJ-MX10 mixer and a VTG228 titler (& ofc a load of VHS tapes). Hope you folks like it :)

r/VHS - What's all this gunk inside this VCR/DVD combo I bought from Goodwill?


I need a freeview recorder with a DVD player - suggestions?

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