r/CasualUK - Last video shop in our small market town. I will need a VCR/DVD combo to even partake!

r/VHS - Picked up this Sony DVD/VCR combo this weekend for $5. Cleaned the heads and it’s running good as new. Testing it out with a classic.

r/VHS - How to program a Phillips Universal Remote for a Sony VCR/DVD Combo?

r/crtgaming - Magnavox 20" MWC20T6 DVD/VCR combo. nabbed this from my sister's brother for 20 bucks, mighta been a little over priced but I just couldn't pass it up.

r/Vaporwave - Testing my new analogue video VJ setup for a vaporwave club night. I'm using: 1 VCR, 1 DVD, Ultramatte DV Keyer, Panasonic WJ-MX10 mixer & VTG228 titler (& a ton of VHS tapes). Source footage used in this test was made using PureData/GEM & a modified Sega MegaDrive/Genesis. Hope you folks enjoy :)

r/VHS - New DVD/VCR Combo to go with my “Retro Hub.” I already have a multi-region player, but I want to reserve that player for PAL and SECAM + tapes… don’t want to give it too much wear and tear. So since most of my tapes are NTSC anyway, decided to go with this Beaut!

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Multi-Function Media Recorder

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