= Cheap headless Proxmox server with an i59400F and no dGPU? =

Do I need a dGPU if I'm only running a command line via SSH or by configuring the bootloader and the terminal to forward to the serial port tty instead of a display? I can use a GPU for the initial setup and later use the web interface. But the main question here is, will it even POST after I pull out the GPU? Has anyone done this before?
EDIT: Since I didn’t have a GPU that would fit in the case, I did the next best thing. Installed the OS with an i3 9100 borrowed from another machine. Then swapped it with the i5 9400F. System booted fine and I was able to remote into Proxmox. But when I did the same thing with the other motherboard, it beeped. So, it basically depends on the motherboard

Thanks, I just tried turning it on quick without a GPU since I don’t have one right now that would fit in the case. The CPU fan kept spinning and there is some HDD activity since the LED keeps flashing, it had an OS installed earlier. Would you know from this if the system posted, since I did not hear any beeps (maybe it was disabled in the BIOS)?
I would have put a GPU in it, but since it is a SFF and I intend to put a NIC in it, I really want to free up the PCIe slot!