= What game graphics are expensive on mobile devices and cheap on a desktop with a dedicated GPU? =

Are there some distinctly expensive types of graphics on a mobile device? Which ones are they?
ic. What would be something that is a bit more commonly used even on mid to low-tier gaming pcs that would be still expensive on a mobile device? More practically applying to a larger gaming audience but still much harder to get on mobile devices?
Or is it just generally more expensive all around? (aside from ray tracing)
Mobile devices use tile based renderers. I believe transparency can often be more expensive relative to desktop GPU

Edit: I googled for "tile based renderer advantages and disadvantages". Some reading if you're interested. httpsdeveloper.arm.com/documentation/102662/latest/
Edit: reading some stuff, I don't see transparency ever called out. I think I'm wrong about that. However, it does appear that tessellation is expensive and high poly count scenes get more expensive as the geometry sorting cost is not linear in a TBR. Also a given triangle needs to be drawn for each tile it overlaps

I've seen transparency and discard called out against tile renderers