= CRT with DVD & VVHS Players =

I’ve been looking for a CRT to add to my line up that 20” or bigger with both a DVD and VHS player. So far my favorite one I’ve found is the Panasonic PV-DF203. I’m just curious if anyone has any other suggestion or models that meet that criteria that maybe a higher quality CRT to keep my eye out for. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Suggestion: avoid anything that has multiple things built into it

TVs with built-in VCR and/or DVD players -- or just DVD+VCR combo units -- are generally made of cheaper, shorter-life components crammed into a small, hot, dusty space. They fail faster and are a complete PITA to even attempt diagnosis, let alone repair with replacement parts that are just as failure-prone

VCRs are a pain to repair, and so complicated it's a minor miracle they worked in the first place. Do you really want to take apart an entire TV when the tape gets too eaten to rescue from outside?
If a CRT with built-in stuff is all you can find, sure, go for it. Just don't expect it to be working properly, or those fiddly bits to stay working if it is, and expect another trip to the thrift for a separate player and cables afterwards. 😁
Never, ever use an Xbox to play DVDs, the drives have a hideously high failure rate, even during the console's time as top dog

As for PS2 probably not great idea either

I picked up a Bluray player (which read and sometimes even upscale DVDs) at Goodwill for $10 the other day, and dedicated DVD players too. There are very few reasons not to have at least one of the two

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