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Hey Guys,
so I am building a 2 CPU system (2x Xeon 4215R, 256GB RAM, NVIDIA RTX A4000) for usage as ah RDS Host. Unfortunately I dot not have proper performance for even one connected user via mstsc.exe

There is no RDS Role installed as of yet, just theserver with remote desktop enabled in the advanced settings. Plus I've set the following three GPO rules that set the following registry keys:
AVC444ModePreferred (1)
AVCHardwareEncodePreferred (1)
bEnumerateHWBeforeSW (1)
*Local Computer Policy\Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Remote Desktop Services\Remote Desktop Session Host\Remote Session Environment*
I also can see the GPU load within the "encoding" section in Task Manager for the RTX A4000 when being connected via mstsc to the server, so the hardware encoding is defineately working

But: Performance is. I cannot even drag a Window across the screen without serious lag. GPU Load is not at 100% but in the high 70%

I am reading about RDS CAD Servers and am wondering: how can there be a RDS Server for CAD if not even the desktop renders without lag? What am I missing here?
Any input is highly appreciated!
We had a similar issue 2 years ago. The cause back then was a default "BIOS" setting in HP servers which caused slow RDP performance when used in comination with VMware ESX virtualisation

The powr setting of the server had to be set to "high performance" in stead of the default eco/dynamic/balanced what ever it was called

I think I can see the problem
so I am building
Personally, I try to stay well clear of building anything, especially in the remote desktop space (RDS and VDI), but if you are already committed..

Assuming that RDS is the right choice and not VDI, and not DaaS, if you've not got RDS enabled yet, it's not an RDS problem, and there's no virtualization involved yet , so it's not that

What happens when you try a physical console connection?
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RDP is aprotocol. This is why people use PCOIP or something vendor specific like VMWare's BLAST. Also you're using a consumer card which isn't designed for VDI and the drivers may prohibit some operation while accessing the machine remotely

tl;dr working as designed

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