GPU dedicated server has a large-scale parallel architecture, which is composed of thousands of smaller and more efficient CUDA cores and is designed to handle multiple tasks at the same time

GPU server rental plans are widely used in deep learning, artificial intelligence, Android emulator, gaming, video rendering, and mining

We offer GPU server rental plans with multiple Nvidia GPU options, such as GT 730, P620, A2, A10, K40, A5000. Nvidia GeForce GT 710 Mainly suitable for home games and Android emulators, such as BlueStacks and MEmu Play. Nvidia Tesla K80 For High-performance computing and large data workloads, such as deep learning and AI reasoning. Nvidia RTX A5000 Achieve an excellent balance between function, performance, and reliability. Assist designers, engineers, and artists to realize their visions

Why Choose Us as Your GPU Hosting Provider Our team of GPU hosting experts is dedicated to making GPU dedicated servers easy for you. Resources among different users are fully isolated to ensure your data security. We also take necessary measures to protect the GPU dedicated servers against DDoS attacks from the edge fast while ensuring the performance of legitimate traffic is not compromised. Our GPU hosting server experts provide around-the-clock technical services with high quality through live chats and emails. Most issues can be well taken care of within one hour or less. GPU Mart provides users with the most cost-effective solution for the configuration of host and GPU, with the performance bearing in mind. The hosted dedicated server has the characteristics of high parallelism, high throughput, and low delay. With enterprise-class data centers and infrastructure, we provide a 99.9% uptime guarantee for our GPU dedicated servers and networks. As we provide GPU dedicated servers, the steps for creating a GPU instance are the same as those for creating a dedicated server instance. If you need any help, our support will always be here with you to help, from installing software to troubleshooting issues. Multiple data centers in the USA let you experience the ultimate speed experience. The locations are still expanding. Deploy your GPU dedicated server closer to you and your visitors

What Are GPU Dedicated Servers Used For? We offer a wide range of GPU server rental solutions to meet your needs for high-performing computing at reasonable prices. Order Now Rendering scenarios, such as video games, require GPUs for graphics acceleration and real-time rendering and also require massive computing capacity, memory, and storage. With advanced display technologies, such as 4K screens and high refresh rates, and the rise of virtual reality gaming, demands on graphics processing are growing fast. GPUs can have hundreds or thousands of small cores and are perfect for 2D and 3D calculations and rendering 3D graphics. With better graphics performance, games can be played at higher resolution, at faster frame rates, or both. Working with video editing, visual effects, and animation requires a high-performing PC to efficiently handle the resource-heavy tasks and avoid waiting for projects to render and encode. GPUs usually have hundreds or thousands of small cores. These highly task-parallel, specialized computing cores are perfectly used for graphics processing, making it faster and easier to render video and graphics in higher-definition formats. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning operations often require processing massive amounts of images or videos. Because GPUs incorporate an extraordinary amount of computational capability, they can deliver incredible acceleration in workloads that take advantage of the highly parallel nature of GPUs, such as image recognition

Learn What People Do with GPU Dedicated Servers Our GPU server rental services help small and medium-sized enterprises succeed in gaming, deep learning, AI computing, video rendering, etc. IYBS Local’s mission is to train and educate local business owners in South King Country so they know and understand how to use effective digital marketing strategies toprofits in their business. EysZ is developing an AI-driven digital health solution to measure neurological progression, intervention efficacy, and side effects to provide the data clinicians need to assist them in developing a personalized care plan for their patients with Epilepsy. Quantico Trends SAC is a company that develops technology to turn conversations into valuable data, which are transformed into timely solutions oriented to the needs of its clients’ users. Since 2008, Virtual Velocity has managed and produced live streams, webinars, trainings, meetings, events and conferences for companies and organizations in multiple industries around the world

Find answers to most frequently asked questions about GPU dedicated server hosting. GPU hosting is a hosting for servers packed with graphics cards, designed to harness this raw processing power. Using an offloading process, the CPU can hand specific tasks to the GPUs, increasing performance. Most CPUs (central processing units) come with an integrated GPU. However, upgraded servers or servers built with graphics in mind require a dedicated (or discreet) GPU. When is a Dedicated GPU necessary? The dedicated GPU acts as an accelerator for the CPU, assisting it with processes and thereby speeding up the processing time. Separate memory from the rest of the computer What is the compatibility between GPU drivers and CUDA versions? Please check the details about the compatibility between GPU drivers and CUDA versions GPU-equipped systems that use less energy to accomplish the same tasks place lower demands on the supplies that power them. In specific use cases, a GPU can provide the same data processing ability of 400 servers with CPU only. Many modern software packages support GPGPU acceleration.