= having trouble with a Sylvania VHS/DVD player. =

it's the same device as in this video. i bought it from a thrift shop. I tested it in the store and it worked fine. i brought it home, plugged it in, and tried to put a tape in, I didn't notice it was off. it didn't work because of that. i don't know if that would affect it. I turned it on and the part that pulls the VHS in didn't engage. i pushed the VHS in and it loaded and pulled in the tape, made weird noises, and then ejected. it didn't let go of the tape. i took the covering off and took the tape out. after that, it didn't either eject or start playing. just pressed the on button lots of times and eventually, it ran for a while, I plugged it into a screen and it worked. when I tried later it started not working again

now it's just spinning, the tape won't eject and thendown.