Very few things are as comforting as having a puppy by your side. But you know what comes close? Indulging in sweet, touching dog movies that are sure to tug at your heartstrings and make you chuckle. Whether you’re searching for good choices for the whole family or you’re looking to enjoy a movie night with your pup, here are 34 of the best dog movies of all time for your viewing pleasure. Cue the sappy music…and pass the popcorn

# The 34 Best Dog Movies You Can Stream Right Now
## 1. ‘lassie Come Home’ (1943)
Set in England (unlike the 1950s television series set in America), this movie features Lassie, a brave collie, doing everything possible to get home to the beloved family from which she was separated. It’s a classic! Keep your eye out for a young Elizabeth Taylor

## 2. ‘lady And The Tramp’ (1955)
Whether you watch the original animated Disney cartoon or the freshly updated live-action version on Disney+, this is a must-see dog lovers’ movie. Watch Tramp (a schnauzer-looking mixed-breed pup) and Lady (a cocker spaniel) frolic, fend off rats and, best of all, fall in love. Best served with a giant plate of spaghetti

## 3. ‘101 Dalmatians’ (1961)
For kiddos who scare easily, pop on the 1961 cartoon made with ink-and-paint animation cels. You don’t want them to be terrified by Glenn Close’s performance in the live-action version. Both are fun, family-friendly movies that have happy endings, though, so you really can’t go wrong

## 4. ‘benji’ (1974)
There are tons of Benji options to choose from, because this lovable character (played by four different mixed-breed dogs over the years) is irresistible. In the original movie, Benji saves two kidnapped children. In 1977’s
*For the Love of Benji*, the dog (played by the daughter of the original Benji!) solves an international crime. There’s also *Benji’s Very Own Christmas*, released in 1978 as a television special

## 5. ‘the Adventures Of Milo And Otis’ (1986)
Though it technically stars a dog and a cat (stay with us), this is a classic animal movie we couldn’t exclude. It’s basically about Otis (a pug) tracking down Milo (a tabby), who got swept away down river from the farm they live on. It was originally released in Japanese and speaks to unlikely friendships everywhere

## 6. ‘all Dogs Go To Heaven’ (1989)
Brought to you by the same Irish studio that delivered

*The Land Before Time* and *An American Tale*, this animated comedy-drama is a dog-movie staple. There are wild songs, a German shepherd who comes back to life and the most delicious-looking pizza you’ve ever seen

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## 7. ‘turner & Hooch’ (1989)
Tom Hanks and a giant French mastiff solving crimes together?! Sign us up—and get us ready to laugh, cry and root for the good guys (and pups)

## 8. ‘beethoven’ (1992)
Who doesn’t love a big, slobbery Saint Bernard winning over a grumpy dad and getting revenge on anveterinarian? It’s a great family film, though be aware your kids will believe they can convince you to get a puppy simply by wearing you down slowly over time after seeing this movie

## 9. ‘homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey’ (1993)
Follow Chance (an American bulldog), Shadow (a golden retriever) and Sassy (a Himalayan cat) as they try to make their way back home to their owners in San Francisco from a distant ranch, encountering dangers and hilarity en route. Prepare to watch the sequel (
*Homeward Bound II: Lost in San Francisco*) immediately after and discuss the differences between these films and the photorealism of 2019’s *Lady and the Tramp*

## 10. ‘balto’ (1995)
Based on the true story of a Siberian Husky who, in January 1925, kept his team of sled dogs on the correct trail during a blizzard in Alaska as they transported medicine needed to stop a deadly diphtheria outbreak in Nome, this animated movie drives home how dedicated dogs can be to those they love. Great winter watch too!
## 11. ‘best In Show’ (2000)
If you’re a dog lover, you may appreciate the lengths to which the colorful characters in this hilarious mockumentary go to ensure their dogs win Best in Show at the Mayflower Kennel Club Dog Show. A funnier cast may not exist; we don’t know how the Norwich terrier, Weimaraner, bloodhound, poodle and shih tzu canine actors managed to keep straight faces during shooting

## 12. ‘bolt’ (2008)
Ashepherd puppy learns that even if you play a superhero on TV, you have to rely on friendship and quick thinking to save the day in real life. John Travolta and Miley Cyrus are the main voices in this computer-animated feel-good flick

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## 13. ‘marley & Me’ (2008)
Not only was this film released on Christmas Day in 2008 but it set the record for biggest box officeon the holiday, so get ready to fall in love with a yellow Lab big-time. Also have tissues ready; it’s based on a memoir, which means things get real

## 14. ‘hachi: A Dog’s Tale’ (2009)

Oh, also get ready to weep at this beautiful tale of devotion and love. Hachi (an akita) is led to a professor who adopts the dog initially out of necessity and then of course learns to love him like a family member. It’s full of feelings. You’ve been warned

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## 15. ‘isle Of Dogs’ (2018)
As a stop-motion animation feature from Wes Anderson, this movie is definitely a delightful stylistic journey. If your family is into stories about dystopian futures, boys who love dogs and the lengths to which people can (and should) go to stand up for their canine friends, you’ve got to watch this flick

## 16. ‘the Fox And The Hound’ (1981)
Tod the fox (Mickey Rooney) and Copper the hound dog (Kurt Russell) become BFFs the moment they meet. But as theyolder, they struggle to maintain their bond because of their growing natural instincts and the pressure from their prejudiced families to stay apart. Can they overcome being enemies by nature and stay friends?
## 17. ‘oddball And The Penguins’ (2015)
Based on the real-life story of a farmer named Allan Marsh and his island sheepdog, Oddball, who saved an entire colony of penguins, this flick is a charming and thoughtful tale that’s sure to keep the entire family entertained. Also, you may or may not get the sudden urge to pay some penguins a visit

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## 18. ‘togo’ (2019)
Set in the winter of 1925,
*Togo* tells the incredible true story of Norwegian dog sled trainer Leonhard Seppala and his lead sled dog, Togo. Together, they endure harsh conditions as they try to transport medicine during an epidemic of diphtheria. The movie stars Willem Dafoe, Julianne Nicholson, Christopher Heyerdahl and Michael Gaston

## 19. ‘eight Below’ (2006)
As impressive as Paul Walker is in this movie, it’s the team of dogs that are the true stars. A scientific expedition in Antarctica goes horribly wrong when severe weather conditions force Jerry Shepard (Walker) and his team to leave a team of eight sled dogs behind. With no humans around to help them, the dogs work together to survive the harsh winter. Team work FTW

## 20. ‘red Dog’ (2011)
Based on the true story of Red Dog, a kelpie/cattle dog who was well-known for traveling through the Pilbara community in Australia, this comedy-drama will definitely have you reaching for the tissues. Follow Red Dog's fun adventures as he embarks on a journey to find his owner

## 21. ‘the Art Of Racing In The Rain’ (2019)
Take a trip through the mind of Enzo, a loyal Golden Retriever, as he recounts the biggest life lessons that he learned from his owner, race car driver Denny Swift (Milo Ventimiglia)

## 22. ‘because Of Winn-dixie’ (2005)

Based on Kate DiCamillo's best-selling novel of the same name, the movie follows a 10-year-old named India Opal Buloni (AnnaSophia Robb), who decides to adopt a lively Berger Picard after running into him at a supermarket. But he’s no ordinary dog. After Opal takes him in and names him Winn-Dixie, the little pup helps her make new friends and even mend her relationship with her dad

## 23. ‘a Dog’s Purpose’ (2017)
Critics may not be the biggest fans of this film, but trust us when we say that
*A Dog's Purpose* will pull your heartstrings in so many directions. The sentimental film follows a lovable dog who's determined to find out what his purpose in life is. As he gets reincarnated over multiple lifetimes, he changes the lives of several owners

## 24. ‘a Dog’s Journey’ (2019)
In this sequel to
*A Dog’s Purpose*, Bailey (Josh Gad), now an old St. Bernard/Australian Shepherd, passes away and gets reincarnated as a female beagle named Molly. In an attempt to keep a promise that he made to his previous owner, Ethan (Dennis Quaid), he tries to find his way back to Ethan's granddaughter

## 25. ‘the Secret Life Of Pets’ (2016)
A terrier named Max (Louis C.K.) is living his best life as a spoiled pet in his owner’s Manhattan home. But then a new dog, Duke, enters the picture, and Max is forced to deal. Although they can’t seem to get along, they have no choice but to work together to defeat a common enemy. The whole family will get a few laughs from this colorful, feel-good film

## 26. ‘my Dog Skip’ (2000)
*Malcolm in the Middle*’s Frankie Muniz stars as 9-year-old Willie Morris, whose life changes drastically after he receives a Jack Russell Terrier for his birthday. Willie and his dog maintain a lasting friendship as they navigate the ups and downs of his personal life, from dealing with bullies to winning the heart of his crush. It has its fun moments, but you’ll definitely get emotional by the end

## 27. ‘my Dog Tulip’ (2009)
It’s probably not the best choice for family movie night, given its many adult themes, but it’s a unique and quirky tale that’ll make you appreciate your bond with your pet even more. The animated film follows abachelor who adopts an Alsatian and, despite his lack of interest in dogs, grows to like his new pet

## 28. ‘the Shaggy Dog’ (1959)
Fun fact: During its initial release in 1959,
*The Shaggy Dog* grossed more than $9 million, making it the second-highest grossing film that year. Inspired by Felix Salten's novel, *The Hound of Florence*, this fun comedy follows a teenager named Wilby Daniels (Tommy Kirk) who transforms into an Old English Sheepdog after wearing a magical ring

## 29. ‘dog Days’ (2018)
This charming rom-com follows the lives of five dog owners and their beloved pups in Los Angeles. As their paths start to converge, their pets start to influence different aspects of their lives, from their romantic relationships to their careers. The star-studded cast includes Eva Longoria, Nina Dobrev, Vanessa Hudgens, Lauren Lapkus, Thomas Lennon, Adam Pally and Ryan Hansen

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## 30. ‘where The Red Fern Grows’ (2003)
Based on Wilson Rawls's children's book of the same name, the adventure film centers on 10-year-old Billy Coleman (Joseph Ashton), who works a number of odd jobs in order to buy his own dogs. After getting two Redbone Coonhound hunting dogs, he trains them to hunt raccoons in the Ozark mountains. Prepare for a lot of tearjerker scenes

## 31. ‘as Good As It Gets’ (1997)
Okay, so the film doesn’t focus on dogs, but it’s definitely a testament to the life-changing impact of a canine companion. When Melvin Udall (Jack Nicholson), a misanthropic writer with OCD, is tasked with dog-sitting for his neighbor, his life is turned upside down as he gets emotionally attached to the pup

## 32. ‘lassie’ (2005)
When Joe Carraclough’s (Jonathan Mason) father loses his job in a mine, the family’s dog, Lassie, is reluctantly sold to the Duke of Rudling (Peter O'Toole). But when the duke and his family move away, Lassie escapes and embarks on a long journey back to the Carraclough family

## 33.Fang’ (2018)
A young wolf dog embarks on a new adventure after he gets separated from his mother. FollowFang’s fascinating journey as he matures and passes through different masters

## 34. ‘oliver & Company’ (1988)
Even if you’re not a big
*Oliver Twist* fan, the music and adventure are sure to entertain adults and kids alike. In this feature, Oliver (Joey Lawrence), an orphaned kitten, is taken in by a group of stray dogs who steal food to survive. But Oliver’s life takes a rather interesting turn when he meets a wealthy girl named Jenny Foxworth.