There's nothing quite like a thrilling courtroom drama that makes you analyse the details and guess the truth before anyone else can, or keeps you on your toes as you pray for justice. The genre, that features mysterious fictional cases and surfaces old real-life conspiracies alike, has found favour with millions of cinema-goers across the world. From The Passion of Joan of Arc released in 1928 to the recently out Jolly LLB 2, trial movies have covered a wide base of criminal events and socially unjust issues over the years. While you scavenge for the best ones available, a few great options to consider, would include the book adaptation
*Toa Mockingbird*, the 1946 feature *The Matter of Life and Death*, along with six others that we've recommended below. *12 Angry Men* (1957)
As a heated jury room is filled with 12 men deliberating the case of an 18-year-old, viewers witness a dense legal discussion that includes gritty details and varied interpretations. At first, the case of murder seems fairly simple, but Davis (played by Henry Fonda) takes it upon himself to convince all others that the boy is not guilty of stabbing his father to death

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