# Filipino LGBTQ+ Entertainment: "My Husband's Lover" is the firstdrama aired on mainstream Philippine television, paving the way for other Filipino LGBTQ+ movies and series. (#PrideMonth)

This has so much potential and the earlier episodes were so good but the longer it went on the more it was obvious that this was written by a woman who had no idea aboutlife. Also, the over dramatics of the military father in later episodes were so

Maybe this has been done and I’m just not aware, but I’d like to see Filipino LGBTQ+ series/movies where it’s not about theperson cheating on their spouse or aperson pining after a straight person. What about a love story of aor lesbian couple who get into a healthy, committed relationship? Basically like the rom coms straight people get except they’re. And if lesbian withscenes, for goodness’ sake let them be directed by a woman please. Nothing like those gratuitous Blue is the Warmest Color love scenes

My Husband's Lover is a 2013 Philippine television drama romance series broadcast by GMA Network. The series is the firstdrama series on Philippine television. Directed by Dominic Zapata, it stars Dennis Trillo in the title role, Tom Rodriguez and Carla Abellana

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