You know those sad, romantic movies that wreck you every time you watch them? The ones that — at the age of 12, having yet to go on a single date — left you utterly convinced that you knew what love’s most tragic depths felt like? And the emotional movies that, as someone who’s maybe now experienced a taste of love and loss yourself, continue to hurt so good?
Yeah, those. When it comes to sad, romantic movies that make you cry, honestly, we can't get enough. In the back of our minds, we totally know that most of the characters are made up (or, at the very least, are fictionalized adaptations of real people). But the emotions and heartbreaks, the wins and losses of being in love, still feel totally real. And isn't that what matters? We thought so

Love’s highs — and all of its beyond-anguishing lows — are explored in so many different ways in movies now, so we've rounded up the 29 best emotional movies that are guaranteed to make you cry every time. (Yes, even those of you who swear you don't have tear ducts!)
Now, get ready to revel in a sad love story (or several), and while you’re at it, pass the tissues

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- 1/29
A Star is Born(2018)
We were rooting for Ally (Lady Gaga) and Jackson (Bradley Cooper) from the second their paths cross in abar where she's belting out Edith Piaf's “La Vie En Rose." With Jackson's help, a star is born—but so is an epic romance. It starts with so much promise, and even when things start to take a turn, we're left hoping (against all hope) that things will somehow turn out all right

Already seen, and sobbed to, Gaga and Cooper’s remake? Try one of its predecessors; there’s the 1937 version, starring Janet Gaynor and Fredric March; the 1954 version, starring Judy Garland and James Mason; and the 1976 remake that stars Barbra Streisand and Kris Kristofferson. In short, many stars who have been born!
- 2/29
Love, Simon(2018)
If Nick Robinson as Simon doesn't have you smiling at all of his prospective romances while he searches for the elusive "Blue" throughout the film, then you are probably a monster. But the moment that will have you sobbing (and exhaling along) is when Simon's(played by Jennifer Garner)down and confronts Simon about him being

Where to watch:Amazon and Disney+
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Romeo + Juliet(1996)
Given the Shakespeare play is one of the saddest love stories of all time, this is kind of a no-brainer. But it's Baz Luhrmann's gorgeous treatment of the film that really gets the vote in our book. Between the beach setting, the costume party, and — yes — '90s-era Leonardo DiCaprio, you'll recite every speech in iambic pentameter, just like you learned in English class

- 4/29
Moonlight(2016) Moonlightis a movie that won’t just pull — it’ll yankat your heartstrings. From writer-director Barry Jenkins, it tells the story of one young,Black man’s journey to adulthood. Growing up poor in Miami with a mother who struggles with substance abuse and addiction, we follow Chiron as he comes to terms with his identity — and with the nature of his feelings toward a close friend, Kevin — in three defining life chapters. It was both the first LGBTQ movie andthe first movie with an all-Black cast to win Best Picture, and it’s a must-see

- 5/29
Portrait of a Lady on Fire(2019)
A, simply, gorgeous movie. Set in circa-1770 France, Marianne (Noémie Merlant) is a painter who’s commissioned to secretly paint the engagement portrait of Héloïse (Adèle Haenel). Héloïse isn’t exactly hot on the idea of this marriage and, with Marianne, experiences a utopic five days of love and female-driven mysticism and seaside cinemascapes. After watching, you may be inspired to keep the weep-fest going by putting on Vivaldi and forlornly opening a book, any book, to page 28. (Just trust us, okay.)
Where to watch:Hulu and Amazon

- 6/29
La La Land(2016)
That closing montage —
woof. This movie does not provide the Hollywood fairy-tale ending we were hoping for, but it does provide a cathartic release of tears (and plenty of Ryan Gosling). Where to watch:Amazon and Hulu

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A Walk to Remember(2002)
It’s the movie that made you want a butterfly shoulder tattoo (and probably inspired at least
oneof us to sing “Only Hope” in the school talent show). Plus, the determination of Landon (Shane West) to make sure a leukemia-battling Jamie (Mandy Moore) crosses everything off her bucket list raised the bar for significant others everywhere

- 8/29
Call Me By Your Name(2017)
Armie Hammer may definitely be canceled, but
CMBYNis still the movie that propelled Timotheé Chalamet into stardom (and into all of our hearts). It’s set in the most idyllic place for a summer romance slash sad love story, a small villa in northern Italy, and the angst will have you at the edge of your seat the whole movie. Then, there’s that ending. No spoilers, but you will definitely be crying along with one of the main characters while Sufjan Stevens croons in the background

- 9/29
If Beale Street Could Talk(2018)
Based on the novel by James Baldwin,
If Beale Street Could Talkis a story of Black love in a world that puts every obstacle in front of it. Directed by Moonlight’s Barry Jenkins, it tells the story of Clementine (KiKi Layne), or “Tish,” and Alonzo (Stephan James), or “Fonny,” two childhood friends turned lovers in 1970s Harlem who are ready to start a life together. Their plans take a devastating turn, though, when Fonny was imprisoned for a crime he didn’t. Where to watch:Hulu
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Blue Valentine(2010)
Watching Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams go through the motions of a couple falling in love, only to fall disastrously apart, will make you question if love was ever real to begin with. Don't watch this with a significant other — or even on your own if you're in a relationship, period. It won't end well

Where to watch:Netflix and Amazon

- 11/29
Would any list of sad, romantic movies be complete without
Titanic? We don't think so. Chances are you've watched this a million times and already know how it ends, but you still can't help but shed a tear (okay, a busted pipe’s worth of ‘em) when Rose (Kate Winslet) tells Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) she'll never let go. (Or, if you’re a true Titanicstan, the moment when Rose jumps back onto the sinking ship from the safety of her lifeboat — that’s the real onion peeler.)
- 12/29
Your Name(2016)
Part love story, part gender-flipping, body-switching teen sci-fi adventure, this Japanese anime movie took box offices by storm, surpassing even anime juggernauts like
Princess Mononokeand Howl’s Moving Castle. From writer-director Makoto Shinkai, it tells the story of two teenagers determined to meet one another after discovering they’ve been magically swapping bodies. It’s, more than sad-sad, tender and funny and touching, but it’ll also likely leave you feeling a little wistful

- 13/29
Brokeback Mountain(2005)
The doomed-before-it-began story of Ennis del Mar (Heath Ledger) and Jack Twist (Jake Gyllenhaal), based on the short story by Annie Proulx, is guaranteed to make you cry. It's as poignant and as relevant as ever, even though we live nearly 60 years after Ennis and Jack first met

- 14/29
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind(2004)
Yes, Kate Winslet’s Clementine is pretty much the archetypal Manic Pixie Dream Girl. And also, yes,
Eternal Sunshinelives on as solid watch-with-a-tub-of-ice-cream material. The premise — that two dysfunctional-in-love exes, Clementine and Joel (Jim Carrey), undergo a procedure to erase all memory of the other — is memorable. (No pun actually intended.) It’s wistful and hopeful in a decidedly still-sad kinda way, and if you’ve recently ended a relationship, it mayleave you thinking a text to the ol’ ex is wise. (It probably isn’t!)
- 16/29
Boys Don't Cry(1999)
When it was released,
Boys Don’t Crybecame the first mainstream movie to center a transgender man. Based on the real-life story of Brandon Teena, a transgender man who was brutally raped and murdered in 1993, the film was both critically acclaimed and generally well-received by the LGBTQ community when it was released. (Its legacy today though, especially for some trans viewers, feels mixed.) Hilary Swank won an Oscar for her portrayal of Brandon, whose relationship with Lana (played by Chloë Sevigny) is a focus of the film. Where to watch:Disney+ and Amazon

- 18/29
It’s a film about a still-in-love couple in their eighties. So, in short, you
knowyou’re going to cry! George (Jean-Louis Trintignant) and Anne (Emmanuelle Riva), decades into a loving marriage, remain totally devoted to each other. Facing mortality, they continue to love each other while keeping the promises they’ve made — including their promise that Anne, who’s suffered a stroke, will never go back to the hospital. If emotional movies about later-in-life love get you, this one will leave you actually destroyed

- 19/29
Fried Green Tomatoes(1991)
Oh, the rampantsubtext of
Fried Green Tomatoes! It’s a gloriouslymovie, even if its makers and 1990s media tried to bill it as a “story of female friendship.” (Right.) It absolutely deserves its place on any list of sad romantic movies that make you cry, although the storyline thatyour tears the most — whether it’s the one told in flashbacks or the modern-day subplot — may be a tossup. That said: Idgie and Ruth forever!
- 20/29
The circa-1930s Berlin of it all! Belied by comedy in a way that some other movies on this list aren’t,
Cabaretis a lot of things, but it's also, in its own way, one of the saddest romance movies. Plus, Liza Minnelli’s Sally Bowles doing that closing “Maybe This Time” number? Iconic

- 21/29
Irreplaceable You(2018)
They say it's better to have loved and lost, than to never have loved at all. Well, in
Irreplaceable You,Abbie (played by Gugu Mbatha-Raw) is diagnosed with terminal(yes, the tissues will be coming out early in this one) and tries to find someone to love and care for the fiancé she's leaving behind. Trying to find the love of your life's next partner because you don't have long to live? Now THAT's love

- 22/29
The Fault in Our Stars(2014)
- 24/29
The Notebook(2004)
Need an explanation for why we included this tearjerker? (Obviously, you don’t.) Not only do you get Ryan Gosling (yet again), you also get that classic scene where Noah proclaims “If you're a bird, I'm a bird.” Sigh. And if you've read the novel by Nicholas Sparks, it makes the movie even more special

- 25/29
Every Day(2018)
Why watch a movie with one romance when you could watch a movie with basically an infinite number of them? Well, sorta. In Every Day the entity "A" wakes up in a different body and starts to fall in love with Rhiannon (Angourie Rice). Part-coming of age, part-romance, this movie will have you crying from start to finish

Where to watch:Hulu and Amazon

- 26/29
Among tragic romance movies, this one’s a classic. Following the tried and true star-crossed lovers tradition, romance between Cecilia (Keira Knightley) and Robbie (James McAvoy) is only just beginning — that libraryscene, though! — when Cecilia’s 13-year-old sister (played by a young Saorise Ronan in a performance that won her an Oscar nomination) tells a lie that upends their lives forever

- 27/29
Malcolm &&Marie(2021)
Euphoriacreator Sam Levinson, Malcolm &&Mariewas, fun fact, the first Hollywood feature film to be completely written, shot and produced during the pandemic. ( Sucha fun fact, right? *cue nervous laugh*) A story of romantic reckoning, it follows Marie (Zendaya) and Malcolm (John David Washington) on the last legs of a relationship rollercoaster that’s seemingly destined for a final crash. Among the lineup of sad romance movies on Netflix, it’s gotten more mixed reviews, but we’d honestly watch it for Zendaya alone

- 28/29
Moulin Rouge!(2001)
A sad love story shown in Baz Luhrmann-befitting technicolor — the sets! The costumes! —
Moulin Rouge!is, as one of my best friends put it, a “hopeless-romantic theater kid’s dream.” Behold its central adage: “The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.” And just like that, our preteen selves were pretty sure we were wise in all things related to love

- 29/29
Tear buckets. You’ll need ‘em. While maybe a less-obvious pick compared to some of the archetypal sad romantic movies on this list,
Upoffers a deeply poignant look at love. It’s a story about the way love shapes and defines us even when the ones we love are no longer living, and excuse me, I have already started crying?
Can't get enough love stories?