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**The Fanco underwater scooter is the perfect gadgets for cruising under the water. Rated to a depth of 130ft (40m) and a cruising speed of 3.0mph (5km/h) the Fanco Scuba scooter is designed for both recreational divers and snorkeling enthusiast. **
 Is the sea scooter sinking into the water
No, it will float slightly on the water

 Can I replace the battery underwater or put battery pack into water
No, it's not Safe. The connector of battery pack and main board will break

 Is the sea scooter waterproof
Yes,The battery, motor and main board connectors are waterproof. Water will enter inside the body while using it

 Why need soak and rinse the underwater scooter with fresh water after use
Since Seawater contains salt crystals, sand particles and Swimming pool have chlorine/acids that can cause of corrosion. So it is necessary to rinse it with Fresh Water within few minutes after the dive. The longer you delay to remove materials that cause potential corrosion the more damage can be done

 Why should the battery and sea scooter be kept dry
Make sure the battery and main boards connectors are completely dry before storage, otherwise it will be damage due to oxidation in electrolysis after power-on

 Why does the motor can not work after power-on some timeIt may be the sand particles or crystals in the motor compartment. Please put the machine into the water for few minutes and then start the machine continuously until the motor works normally

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