It's only January, but we may have already found our favorite item for all of 2007: The "Scuba-Doo." The name alone is reason enough to like it, but there are actually practical reasons to want one as well

Just look at the picture. Who wouldn't crave a motorized scuba bike? No mask, no mouthpiece--just a clear dome filled with air pumped in from an on-board tank. You can travel up to 2.5 knots or just remain stationary while enjoying the spectacle of underwater life, according to Neatorama, with about 1.5 hours of battery power. (The air tank is estimated to last about an hour, so you should have battery juice to spare unless you're part amphibian.)

It looks as though the best Scuba-Doo experience may be in its native waters off the coast of Australia. There must be a gadget trade show coming up somewhere Down Under.