= Cost to paint stucco exterior house? =

Has anyone had their stucco house painted in Winnipeg? How much did it cost? Any advice?
Give them a call, get a quote. They might not be the cheapest out there, but they do agood job. (provided they aren't already booked solid)
We had someone paint ours a few years ago and it was about 2K, but will vary. Ours is just ordinary paint, not fancy stucco paint. It's doing fine

The only thing we had was two spots where the stucco was deteriorated due to moisture from vents (but not visually obvious). By the dryer and by a bathroom vent. The paint stuck find, but the stucco started to come loose. I ended up removing the bad stucco with a wire brush and I need to repaint those spots this spring

I painted mine. I used Elastomeric paint, but if I did it again I would use regular outdoor masonry or stucco paint. I purchased a decent sprayer from Canadian Tire for around $200 and taped newspaper on my windows and anything I didn't want paint on. It went well, surprisingly easy and the total cost was less than $800 including the sprayer

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