Today, most of your companys vital documents live digitally. From benefits plan statements to the potluck sign-uppaper is a thing of the past

When you tally everything an employee accesses online, its easy to see how content can be a lot to manage. Thats why companies need a way to aggregate, manage, and share all of their internal information

They often use a combination of platforms to get the job done, but this can be confusing and inefficient

For that reason, more companies are moving towards a single unified intranet cms software that can act as a single resource for content management

An intranet content management system boosts communication, improves productivity, and allows workplaces to function remotely. Plus, research shows that companies with strong internal social networks are 7% more productive

If youre in the market for the best CMS for intranet, take a look at our recommendations below

**The best CMS intranet for 2022 roundup: **
 1. Blink
Blink is an employee intranet with many features, making it a great choice for companies looking for an all-in-one solution for their internal communication needs

The content management hub is a sleek, mobile-first design, and the software is easy to set up and onboard without extensive IT or training teams

- CMS Hub for documents
- Content feed
- Business chat
- People directory
- Micro-app functionalities
**Best ** **intranet CMS software** ** for All-in-one frontline communication. **Price: **Plans start at $3.40/user/month

## Why employee apps are the new intranet
Are intranets a thing of the past? In this eBook, learn how to engage with the deskless workforce effectively to build strong, happy frontline organizations

 2. SharePoint
SharePoint is Microsofts intranet offering, making it a great choice for teams who already heavily rely on Office Suite tools

SharePoint leverages internal websites to host content pages and team resources. Its a powerful content management tool that works well for large companies looking for a robust CMS but could be overly complex for smaller organizations

**Features: **
- Document library
- Information rights management
- Project management server and timelines
- Team-based content websites
- Cloud or on-site data storage
- Company news page
**Best ** **intranet CMS software** ** for: **Enterprise content management. **Price Plans start at $5/user/month

 3. Glasscubes

Glasscubes provides a cloud-based platform for employees to collaborate and share files. Users can send messages to others or attach files to messages for further collaboration

The lightweight system is engaging and easy to use, perfect for companies looking for a straightforward, high-value CMS intranet that improves engagement

- Secure online file storage
- No limitation in file type or size
- Internal chat
- Activity feed
- Task management and scheduling
**Best ** **intranet CMS software** ** for: **Team collaboration. **Price Plans start at $35/month

 4. Simpplr
Simpplr is a CMS employee intranet that prioritizes usability and social engagement

Packed with features like an AI-driven social feed, events calendar, and a newsletter, Simpplr is the choice for companies looking for feature-rich software that improves culture, communication, and engagement

- Employee intranet
- Employee blogs
- Employee profiles
- AI smart feed
- Newsletters
- Events calendar
- Social websites for teams
- User analytics
**Best ** **intranet CMS software** ** for Engaging social teams. **Price: **Available upon request

 5. OnSemble
Building off a 15-year history in intranet, OnSemble offers a well-rounded intranet platform designed for customer-centred organizations

The content management tool, employee forums, and leadership blogs engage workers and provide them with the resources to do their best work. Drag-and-drop page builders mean OnSemble can be relatively easy to customize for small to midsize organizations

- Employee directory
- Content management
- Document search
- Forums
- Cloud or on-site data storage
**Best ** **intranet CMS software** ** for Customer-oriented organizations. **Price Plans start at $6/user/month

## CMS Intranet FAQs
 What is CMS Intranet?
A CMS will integrate with an intranet to allow for easier management of digital content. The intranet CMS will allow for information and content to be formatted, shared, and published to employees

 How do I choose an intranet?
There are many factors to consider when choosing an intranet. Below are some key points to keep in mind:

**1. Ease of use**Book a demo and see how easy it is to use, whats the UI like? Can you imagine yourself and your team using the software? **2. Integrations**Can the intranet easily integrate into your existing tech stack? **3. Content typesWhat content types does it support? Think Video, Twitter feeds etc **4. BrandingCan you make it your own? **5. Communication**Does it allow for two way communication? Department lists etc **6. SearchableWill users be able to search and find key documents they need? **7. AnalyticsCan you analyze performance over time and see what is and isnt working?
## Final thoughts: The 5 best intranet CMS software in 2022
A content management system is an essential feature of your companys intranet. With so much of todays work taking place remotely or on mobile, having everything accessible boosts your employees engagement, supports a positive company culture, and increases productivity

There are many great intranet platforms out there, and what you choose will come down to your companys size and needs

If youre looking for a simple solution that packs tons of engaging features into one affordable platform, give Blink a try. The mobile-first platform and modern design will work well for any team.