A current study by Adobe and techconsult shows that many companies see content management as a central pillar for corporate success and digital transformation. Nevertheless, only half of the companies surveyed have their own content management strategy. Read more about the study in our article

In recent years, digital processes and flexible IT infrastructures have become essential for sustainable business success. This also includes content management. Because only those who address the increasingly demanding customers directly and thus offer an extraordinary customer experience can stand out from the mass of companies and products. This is also confirmed by the current study "Content Management as an Enabler of Digital Transformation" by Adobe and techconsult, in which both German and Swiss companies were surveyed. For 74% of those surveyed, content management is an important factor in terms of business success and new customer acquisition. Although the need for a content management strategy should be obvious, only just under half of the companies surveyed (57%) have their own digital and customer-centric content management strategy. In the case of smaller companies, the figure is even six percentage points less, at 51%

So the main reason for the lack of a strategy is not general doubt about the effectiveness of content management. Rather, the technological challenge associated with it can be named. Smaller companies in particular lack resources such as human capacities and technical equipment. Content management systems (CMS), which take on various marketing tasks, can help here. But what requirements do companies place on CMS?

Modern content management systems are increasingly taking on the role of differentiators in competition by offering a variety of cost and technological advantages and raising the digital brand experience to a new level

What companies want from CMS solutions

The primary goal for using a CMS solution is cost reduction at 84%, followed by increased productivity (79%) and continued revenue growth (78 64% of the companies surveyed see trust-building as a major requirement for a CMS: individualized content should increase the customer experience by covering the customers' information needs. But an overview of all customer interactions is also of particular importance for 63% of the companies

Are you still looking for a CMS for your company? Our CMS checklist gives you an overview of all the requirements that you should consider when choosing a CMS. In our market overview, we compared 32 service providers

Modern CMS solutions can make a decisive difference in the competition. Many companies have already recognized the potential - now the implementation must follow. It is important that not just any CMS is selected, but that the system meets the individual needs of the company. This is the only way for content management to become a driver of digital transformation.