Once upon a time I had some replacement LCD panels for the Acorn A4 laptop. Unfortunately neither I nor my supplier have any more, but I'm leaving the technical information about them here. The panels' part number is Epson ECM-0557A: my Triumph Alder Walkstation (the PC laptop on which the A4 was based) and probably other A4s contain a Sharp LCM-5498-22NAK which is pin compatible. The Sharp screens are grey whereas the Epson screens are slightly brown when backlit

Comprehensive fitting instructions are available

The panels are passive matrix 9" mono LCDs, 640x480 pixels with pixels individually addressable (data input is via a modified raster scan). Brief (and slightly incorrect) data is available for the panels, if you wish to use them for other purposes, I'll try to answer any other technical questions (or see the Usenet thread. I've successfully interfaced one of these to an ARM7500 board - that page has more reliable data on it

Pictures of the panels: (Click for a larger image)
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