We offer to buy a modern HD media player (short for High Definition) - translated from English as high definition high definition is considered a resolution in the 1920x1080 standard (1080p, referred to as Full-HD). In fact, an HD media player is a multifunctional device designed to play files of almost all known formats from removable media (FullHD Blue-Ray, USB), from a built-in or external hard drive (the so-called HDD media player), by purchasing which you replace a wholeof devices

Our online store is constantly expanding its assortment, representing a real virtual shopping center for HDTV media players and offering to buy devices from world leaders in this industry at a bargain price. Working for regular customers, we offer a flexible system of discounts for regular customers and go for a reasoned bargain

A popular 3D player with online video support in a black case with a WiFi module and the ability to install an HDD inside

Most manufacturers are focused on the release of hybrid devices - networked Full HD media players that combine the functions of several devices such as a Blue-Ray player (with a built-in Blue-Ray drive) and an HDD player (media players with an installed or externally connected hard drive, HDD)

Naturally, with today's diversity, choosing a media player, buying a media player - a reliable and multifunctional device is a very difficult task. Ceteris paribus, buying a Blue-Ray, HDD media player is the best solution. A modern HDTV media player with a hard drive allows you to listen to music both in stereo mode and in 5.1 (7.1) sound mode, view high-quality FullHD video and other formats, in addition to show a slideshow of your photos and has many network features such as a Torrent client , communication via FTP, UPnP, Samba, NFS

As of 2014, we offer on our website to read reviews and buy AuraHD, Dune, iNeXT, PopcornHour and Xtreamer HD media players and accessories for them in Kharkiv and throughout Ukraine.