The radio has no future?

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In recent years, radio has undergone a development that is almost as exciting as its creation. In order to get an overview, you will find all the radios carefully sorted into categories in our online shop. You will find traditional table radios with FM reception and radio alarm clocks with several alarm times, as well as modern digital radio receivers with DAB+, built-in radios for the ceiling and Internet radios for receiving web radio stations. So you can easily find the right radio for your needs. If the decision is still difficult, we have put radio test reports and operating instructions online for you and are of course also happy to share our personal experience

Well-known multimedia manufacturers such as Roberts Radio, Soundmaster, Albrecht, Eissound, KBSound, Lexon, NafNaf, PEHA, PerfectPro, Roadstar, Imperial, Noxon and Sonoro ensure a large selection. The radios from the manufacturer Sangean are also a real recommendation. Hardly known in this country, you have certainly come across it under a different name, because in the past the radio giant manufactured many award-winning products for other brands (including Braun, Siemens, Grundig, Panasonic and currently for the British company Roberts Radio, Makita and Tivoli). In addition to the devices themselves, we also offer accessories for radios, be it antennas for optimizing reception, adapters or other network accessories. Furthermore, audio and video technology is constantly evolving, while at the same time the demands on accessories are growing. We therefore offer you special solutions in our shop, such as HDMI cables without CEC, active HDMI projector cables, HDMI switches and, of course, all types of adapters and converters

RadioStore has been a direct importer in many areas for several years. Of course, our customers also benefit from this. Our house brand LYNDAHL, for example, guarantees reliable high-end quality with a very good price-performance ratio and is always used where conventional budget cables fail

With the magnifying lamps from Lumeno, we have another strong brand in our range for you. Adapted to the high demands on material and technology, Lumeno offers the ideal optical tool and accessories for cosmetics, foot care and medical technology. The current series of illuminated magnifiers and tripods impresses with its sophisticated design made in Germany

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