A curved monitor may be the answer for those that are searching for both better visuals and improved productivity. Curved monitors are display panels that boast a slight curvature. This curvature allows users to view every inch of the screen from the same distance, and it creates a more immersive screen experience.As a leading developer of monitor technology, Dell provides a portfolio of curved monitors with expansive, all-encompassing views that help users do more

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UltraSharp curved monitors help maximize multitasking and improve visibility across the screen. Available in a range of screen sizes, these curved monitors allow users to immerse themselves in all-encompassing displays that optimize the field of view.Dell curved monitors offer a more comfortable viewing experience with less eye movement than a flat screen. They often boast higher resolution (including a 4k curved monitor), UltraSharp displays have incredible color coverage that render visuals in vivid clarity. If you are interested in an immersive viewing experience, then Dell curved monitors may make sense for your professional needs.Features of Dell curved monitors include:
As a monitor technology leader, Dell displays are designed to address and overcome workplace challenges and obstacles, both today and tomorrow. Dell remains committed to understanding what businesses need and how our monitors can improve operations, productivity, and collaboration.Proven reliabilityDell monitors are built with an unyielding commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Multifaceted Support Small businesses rely on their technology, and Dell is committed to providing support if issues arise:
What is a curved monitor?A curved monitor is a computer display with a slight curvature to the screen that allows users to view the entirety of the screen from virtually the same distance.Why get a curved monitor?A curved monitor enables a near uniform visual focus and increases the field of view to reduce eye movement across the screen. Users will get a comfortable, immersive viewing experience to help them focus on your work

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