Romance and comedy are, without any doubt, the most compatible and wonderful genres when clubbed together. We have hand-picked the best romantic comedies on Hulu for you to enjoy!
 My Best Friends Wedding
When Julianne realizes that she is head over heels in love with her best friend, Michael, she tries to sabotage his wedding with the rich finance Kim

It is a tongue-in-cheek ride to watch her befriend Kim meanwhile trying her tricks to break the bond. The wedding ceremonies have hilarious mishaps thanks to the lovable Julianne

She does everything in her power to prove how incompatible for each other and with Kims impulsive behaviour, the movie can send you into fits of laughter

 Bridget Joness Diary
Renee Zellweger plays the leads in the movie, and her stars arent auspicious when it comes to love. It is hilarious to watch her pave her way throughdates and obnoxious relationships with the right sprinkle of romance

Things become topsy-turvy when she hooks up with her charismatic and attractive boss, David Cleaver. This was before her intense romantic affair with Mark Darcy

Such a tough call for Renee to choose between these two! Try your shot to predict whom she finally ends up with

 Book Club
After reading 50 shades of grey, the life of four friends has a deep impact which changes their lives forever. A fun movie paired with your favourite drink would indeed be a treat for a warm Saturday night

 When Harry Met Sally
Do you think getting sexually involved can ruin the friendship? Is the just friends concept real? This movie challenges all these golden questions which confuse all of us at some point in our life

The transition from friends to lovers can spice things between Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan. The light-hearted movie deserves the place on your must-watch list!
 No Strings Attached
Friends with benefits: The concept is abstractly attractive but can you control the flame of love arising in your heart?
In an attempt to move on, love will pull you back and guide you home. The journey home witnesses several funny bits and is very interesting!
 Under The Tuscan Sun
After the divorce, Frances buys a Tuscan villa in the hope to change her life. But life does not exactly go as planned, it is funny to watch her house fall apart, and she has no clue of fixing the house and transforming it into the home

She hires Polish workers to fix her home while embarking a new friendship with an eccentric neighbour. However, destiny takes new turns when she finds a refined and happier version of herself and an Italian, who stole her heart

 Say Anything
A beautiful movie on the dramatic declaration of love and will make your heart beat fast. The movie can be summed up in this one sentence: In your eyes, the light the heat. In your eyes, I am complete
 Plus One
Alice and Ben are good friends since college, but they find themselves isolated when all their friends start getting hitched. They have an agreement to be others plus one

They enjoy a lot of perks while being together, such as free drinks and food. But, soon they have to face the question that arises in the depths of their heart. How long can they continue this involvement without revealing adoration for each other?
 Drinking Buddies
When you share solid chemistry and enjoy working together, it almost becomes inevitable to avoid a genuine attraction. Kate and Luke discover some harsh truths, but the movie is dotted with a bit of humour because of the consumption of a lot of booze and a weird friend-zone

 The Spy Who Dumped Me
Well well, Audrey had no clue about how mysterious the man could be when she fell for his charm and later on this caused her life to go wheels in wheels

Morgan cannot keep herand due to this she and Audrey are pulled into a conspiracy. During their involvement, they have to dodge bullets and find out why did the mysterious man, who was a spy, dumped her!