Starting a career as a mechanical engineer starts with a solid education. That’s why it’s important to attend a school that offers the sound education you’ll need to be successful as a mechanical engineer

But with so many options for getting a degree in mechanical engineering, it’s important to know what to look for and where to find the schools that offer these programs

Luckily, you can streamline your search by focusing on what some of the best mechanical engineering schools have to offer and you can find several great programs right in the United States

The quality of your engineering degree program may be enhanced depending on several factors. For example, if you want to improve your chances of being hired, then consider looking for an ABET-accredited mechanical engineering degree program

Schools that have obtained ABET accreditation for their degree programs have gone through a thorough review process of their educational program to ensure they meet the standards of high quality of the ABET

When you attend an ABET-accredited mechanical engineering degree program, you can count on a quality education that prepares you to work as a professional mechanical engineer worldwide. In fact, thousands of jobs require that you graduate from an ABET-accredited program

It’s also important to consider your personal goals when searching for the best mechanical engineering schools in the country. The school you choose should not only offer the degree program you seek, but it should also offer the support services you need

In fact, some of the best engineering degree programs offer additional services to help its student achieve their personal goals, whether that means having tutoring services or access to research facilities

So, if it’s important to study abroad during your program or have access to mentorships or internships, make sure the program you’re considering offers these services

While several schools offer degrees for aspiring mechanical engineers at the undergraduate level, there are some that stand out among the rest. Some of the best engineering schools offer small class sizes and great support services

**Carnegie Mellon University** and the **University of Texas–Austin** are some offer some of the best degree programs for future mechanical engineers for these reasons

With less than 20 students per faculty member, you can count on more individualized attention at Carnegie Mellon. That’s because the school’s student-to-faculty ratio is 13 students per faculty member

At the University of Texas at Austin, you can rely on a variety of support services while pursuing your degree in mechanical engineering thanks to programs like its Freshman Research Program and mentorship opportunities

Here are some more of the best mechanical schools in the United States, according to U.S. World News & Report:
If you want to continue your education as a mechanical engineer, then graduate school may be ideal for you. Mechanical engineers who pursue an advanced degree can potentially double their earnings. So, it’s worth exploring some of the top mechanical engineering programs across the country

Here are some of the best mechanical engineering schools for graduates in the United States:
**California Institute of Technology (Caltech
Caltech graduate students explore a variety of mechanical engineering topics and courses, such as mechanical prototyping, thermal science, and CNC machining

It’s also worth noting that you can take advantage of fellowships and assistantships to pay for your tuition and living expenses while pursuing your graduate degree at Caltech

**Cornell University**
The Sibley School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Cornell University offers masters and doctorate degrees. You can also take advantage of various research opportunities, including conducting research in space technology and materials design

You can even take advantage of interdisciplinary collaborations when conducting research in robotics

**University of California at Berkeley (U.C Berkeley
The University of California at Berkeley offers unique graduate-level programs that are both research- and industry-oriented that involve capstone projects, thesis, master reports, and presentations

U.C. Berkeley also offers mechanical engineering (ME) students groups you can join to enhance your academic experience, including the American Society of Mechanical Engineers Student Chapter (ASME) and Space Technologies at Cal (STAC)

**Northwestern University**
Graduate students at Northwestern University can earn masters- and doctorate-level degrees for aspiring mechanical engineers. You can also specialize in areas, such as robotics, solid mechanics and nanotechnology

The curriculum at Northwestern offers traditional and interdisciplinary approaches to academic learning, which gives you more flexible options for completing your graduate degree

**Stanford University**

The graduate program in mechanical engineering at Stanford University gives you the opportunity to pursue a rich academic career while focusing on specialized research. For instance, you can explore specializations, such as fluid mechanics and energy systems

Stanford is also affiliated with several centers and labs where you can conduct specialized research, including the Center for Design Research, the BioMotion Research Laboratory and Center for Automotive Research at Stanford (CARS)

If you’re considering continuing your education after graduation, or you need to prepare for a new position or job, consider further educating yourself through one of many educational sources available today

One of the courses I often recommend to young mechanical engineers is a Thermodynamics course called: Four Laws That Move the Universe. This great course is thought by
*Dr. Jeffrey C. Grossman* is Professor in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

You don’t have to travel out of the United States to find a school that offers the program you need to become a mechanical engineer. But if you want to make the most of your mechanical engineering degree, it’s important to start from the top and compare some of the best mechanical engineering schools in the country

Just keep your personal goals in mind, and you’ll find the right engineering program to fit your needs

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Starting a career as a mechanical engineer starts with a solid education. That’s why it’s important to attend a school that offers the sound education you’ll need to be successful as a mechanical engineer.