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r/eurovision - Appreciation post for Anouk. The one who brought the Netherlands back after the longest ever non-qualification streak in 2013 with her song ‘ Birds’. Here a snippet from her song ‘Its A New Day!’ (2019) an empowering video dedicated to ‘the ones leading the way’. More info in the comments.

r/milenaciciottisnark1 - She doesn’t follow the Bible, she lies, grifts money from people, judges, puts money and greed before the Bible, exploits her kids and has the audacity to judge churches and worship songs for not being biblical? Girl make it make sense. Don’t their spiritual mentor Darry the bigoted nut case.

r/JoshA - Doesn’t long way to go, (new album) closer to the end of the song sound like a worship song?

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r/demons - New age rapper Yeat talking about demons in his songs. Big fan of him and never heard a rapper becoming mainstream talk as much about this. Is he being Fr or just doing it for attention/to be mysterious? Or did he as well worship demons to get where he wanted to be. Thoughts?

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r/TrueChristian - My uncle is a catholic and says he doesnt worship Mary he just reveres and honors her, but if praying and singing songs about someone isn’t worshipping then what is worshipping?