= Kendrick songs that most fans like that you don’t like as much? =

Yeah, these types of threads bother me a bit since they’re asking for unpopular opinions, but you get downvoted toif you genuinely answer the prompt with an unpopular opinion lol
I'll throw you the opposite. I love songs like Love and God and most folks seem tothem. Smfh
Huh…Those and Loyalty are what I get the most musical emotion from…not always in the mood to dissect lyrics. In fact I think those songs are just as good as the heavy lyrical songs…just different

Man GOD and LOVE are such amazing tracks. “This what God feel like, laughing to the bank like ‘Ha, Ha
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mfs on this subeverything that has a hit worth sounding. Humble, N95, love etc. Not my favourites, but if these songs were not popular, people would say they underrated

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