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I actually have used peaceful music as an alarm for over 10 years now and it's changed everything. I wake up feeling more refreshed instead of adrenaline rush followed immediately by the crash
It’s a great way to wake up. My watch vibrates at the same time. Don’t miss the shock at all

That is exactly why i wake up to power metal. Unfortunately, know the songs so well that I can also fall asleep to them

If anyone is curious I listen to sabaton and powerwolf

Thanks, Just changed mine. Got tired of feeling like I had to run first thing in the morning. ALARM RUN! Was my first impression

As someone whose spouse needs a zillion alarms to get up I can say that even the calmest of sounds can make you crazy after awhile. It has a triggering effect on me sometimes lol!
I use to not wake up for anything other then the nuclear bomb warning ringtone. I switched to a sleep app with a really calm slow wake up and I feel so much better from it. They do sorta work

I have found a happy middle ground in the first thirty seconds of Owl City - Sky Diver. Wakes me up without giving me a heart attack, and is still pleasant to listen to when it pops up on shuffle!
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